Gamereactor: The Force Unleashed II review

Gamereactor writes: "I hate to say this, but Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II deserved better. At some point during development someone forgot what actually made the first game enjoyable (I'm not sure I'm going to go as far as calling it good). The details are missing, the level design is uninspired, the story is not given the place it deserves. As it stands right now, I would be more inclined to recommend you to pick up the first game than this one if you haven't already played it."

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dannybohy2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

wow, this game keeps getting panned!Im playing it at the moment and think its great. I think people expect way too much just because it has the Starwars name to it! It much more enjoyable than watching any of the last 3 prequel movies if you ask me! nad if you like a good hack n slash now and then then you can do alot worse than this game

Galaxia2734d ago

Go cry somewhere else. Stop hating on the prequels because you think it makes you look cool.

The prequel films (and game tie ins even) are so much better than the Unleashed games.

The Matrix2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I knew after playing 10 minutes of the demo that SFU2 was bound to be the hugest disappointment of the year.

Michael-Jackson2735d ago

The funny thing is that I guessed that the game was going bomb in reviews, considering LucasArts track record isn't exactly amazing and the first one was mediocre.

ranma68992735d ago

imagine having those force powers fixed in unleashed in begging instead waiting till certain areas ,but unleashed 2 is to short and full of bugs

benighted death2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Wow,honestly i just dont get it...i just love this game,i finished it yesterday and already started another time!its really good,to bad for all the people missing out on this game because of reviews.
I learned a long time ago to never listen to reviews and this game is the perfect exemple!
I would have missed a great game like many people do...the only negative point is that i would have love to play it much longer,if i can call that a negative point..its just that good