Crysis 2 is in Alpha - Crytek reached point of no return

PC Games has an exclusive interview with Crysis 2-Lead Designer Sten Hübler.

Most important insight: Crysis 2 is in Alpha and the devs reached the point of no return. Now Balancing and Bugfixing is on.

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raztad2852d ago

Nice. Now some PS3 footage pls.

hennessey862852d ago

for this game. I always wanted to buy a monster pc for crysis but i couldnt justify that kind of money to play one game.

Ares84PS32852d ago

....other than graphics the game isn't as good as some people make it out to be. I got it on PC and finished the game and the whole alien stuff ruined the game for me. Plus as a isn't the best out there at all. I had way more fun with tons of other shooters than Crysis.

theonlylolking2852d ago


The game is great! I like it more than halo reach and pretty much my favorite FPS this gen.

Ares84PS32852d ago

To each his own.

But most people going so crazy about it because of the graphics and they are blind to the fact that the gameplay is nothing sort of amazing.

If you loved the game. Great, nice, good for you. But that doesn't make it the shooter others clame it to be.

joydestroy2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

while it's great that Crytek are finally bringing Crysis to consoles, the only real way to play a Crysis game is via PC. high end rigs are gonna stomp all over the console versions.

edit: @hennessey, you would end up getting more than just Crysis...believe me lol

MariaHelFutura2852d ago

Hopefully those 5 people enjoy the game. Like the 3 who enjoyed the 1st at full settings.

joydestroy2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

it really doesn't take that much to run these games nowadays. my roommate is building a new rig for $700 with an AMD processor.

dual card DX11 solutions should spit this out easy. (gtx460, radeon 6850)
my two GTX 460's play Metro 2033 at max ha =D
Crysis 2 can't be more demanding than that.

MariaHelFutura2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I was semi joking. My point the time not many people got to play the first one on max settings.

Sorry guys, I forgot about the deadly e-tone of the internet. People probably thought I was insulting the game. LOL.

Nihilism2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

No reason why console gamers should feel like they are missing out though.

Doom 3 was one of the best looking games on console last generation, and the gap between the xbox version and PC was greater than the gap between Crysis 2 on consoles and PC will be.

I just posted some pics of Doom 3 as it still looks today on PC if anyone cares....this is a game from 7 years ago...

As long as Crysis 2 is as optimised as they say...and they do say a lot of things "Cryengine 3 will offer twice the performance of Cryengine 2 at a comparable visual fidelity"...which is not to say that it won't look better, but rather that it will run twice as good when it does look as good.

I expect closer to 60 frames for this one. Crysis looked great but the visuals/performance of Crysis sucked balls compared to every other game out.

P.S fingers crossed for bot matches in Crysis 2 MP, crysis/warhead MP was wasted on me for it's lack of offline modes, which is sad because it had a world builder FFS.


"Nice. Now some PS3 footage pls. "

We haven't seen the PC version either, maybe it's the biggest troll of all time and it's 360 exclusive :S

joydestroy2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

@maria, i gotcha =)

@nihilism, yup it's all about optimization. gcards are crazy spec'd now. devs need to do better with optimizing for sure. Crysis 2 should be a little less demanding than previous games in the franchise. or so i hope

edit: bot matches would be awesome!

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Bass_fisherman2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

" Now Balancing and Bugfixing is on." - Only now!? 2 things that take alot of time and testers to deal with those things.Im hoping this game isnt just a graphical showcase like the first one.

jbiz3202851d ago

they have a solid 5 MONTHS to get the bugs out.. Game comes out March 22 2011..

tompoulo2852d ago

Awesome news!!! I was in the closed multiplayer test and there were some problems but overall the game was a blast to play!!! A perfect mix of Halo and Call Of Duty and then some! I seriously can't wait for the final product!!!

tompoulo2852d ago

Combat Testing ROCKS! I have got in 2 multiplayer tests so far from that AWESOME site!

evrfighter2852d ago

didn't feel the urge to try out crysis 2 alpha despite all the emails i got from combattesting

wwm0nkey2852d ago

the test is still going :D

Fishy Fingers2852d ago

I want more specific PC details, Dx11 features, CE3 editor, will I get one? With the engine allowing seamless development on all platforms will mods be possible on the consoles?

Pandamobile2852d ago

I doubt it. You probably need PS3 and 360 dev kits in order to get content on them.

Jumper092852d ago

or a jtag :) Someone will hack the Sandbox 3 Editor and bam u got RTE Editing for Crysis 2. Its really easy.

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