First 3D gaming monitor launches

A US company has just launched the first widescreen monitor that will allow gamers to blast their way through their favourite games in 3D.

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Rooted_Dust4073d ago

Does it involve wearing silly headgear, because I've tried it. While it is cool, the novelty wears off fast.

Goshyujin_Sama4073d ago

Wow I would love to play Guild-Wars in 3-D!

Premonition4073d ago

You should See WoW on it, I use to work at Alienware in the Production lab, where we tested out new products, we got one of these 3D monitors in, it was around June of 06, people gathered around to see it, it was kind of cool but then again it was a very early product, hopefully this one has improved.

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Goshyujin_Sama4073d ago

if its not comfortable it could surely cause some nauseating sensations, but hopefully it turns out ok. I will at least try it, and if its all its cracked up to be then this is a nice new piece of technology.

Premonition4073d ago

Trust me it wont make you vomit, when I tried the one we had at Alienware, it was like basically looking at a regular everyday monitor, the 3D effects then werent like OMG ITS POPPING OUT OF THE SCREEN type thing, so it didnt really do anything to make us want to throw up lol.

thorstein4073d ago

My last is 10 years old and in use on the "kids" computer. My current monitor shoould last longer.

Now they are introducing monitors that will be obsolete by the time they reach store shelves.

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