Kinect review - by little kids

The Microsoft motion controller was unveiled in the front window of Selfridges and will be there for 12 days in the run-up to its release on November 10.

Have a look at the tough critics at work:

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Wizziokid2580d ago

of course kids will love it

NecrumSlavery2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

This wasn't a review. It was two kids reading off queue cards, behind a loop of terribly load and annoying techno.

KratosGIRL2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

wtf is this... xD


jerethdagryphon2580d ago

that is so read from cards kids wont use active or interactive in that way basically what they said was the standard xbox pr ill be at selfridges this weekend ill give it a go and give my honest opinions here

Qui-Gon Jim2580d ago

This was clearly an ad, though. They would of course pick the people who had good things to say about it. You don't see game packages quoting the bad reviews, do you?

SkyCrawler2579d ago

unst unst unst unst unst

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Christopher2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

This is an advertisement. Same crap that other people do with making their ads look like they're not asking actors but regular Joes about their product on the streets.

This means Microsoft is really kicking this in high gear and you just got a look at their target audience.

visualb2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

not a review. Misleading title is misleading...

avengers19782580d ago

agreed this is just a commercial, nothing more than that.

acedoh2580d ago

even on this website? This is a blatant advertisement. It's obvious who Microsoft is trying to cater to now. I do hope that all these core gamers who have 360's love this because Microsoft is really leaving you behind.

Redgehammer2579d ago

do not see MS expanding its customer base as a Sign of the Abandoned Hardcore Gamer Apocolypse. I just don't see why I should feel like MS is abandoning me to the wolves of "casual" manor. I will own a Kinect sensor and am expecting my kids to have a mountain of fun.

zeddy2580d ago

its a freakin kids toy!

Redgehammer2579d ago

could be argued that the 360, WII, PS3, PSP, and DS are all kids toys.

Blacktric2580d ago

What's with the porn music?

raptorjacob2580d ago

That's what I was thinking? Did I hear a moan at the end of the song?

CimmerianDrake2580d ago

You heard moaning during the whole thing.

SkyCrawler2579d ago

this thread of comments....I can't breathe XD
but yeah I did hear moaning o.o Subliminal messenging?

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SeanScythe2580d ago

How do I flag this as Misleading? I know it's already posted but this isn't a review and mentioned it's a MS Ad.

SIX2580d ago

MS's brainwashing commences.

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Pandemic2580d ago

The kids were paid to ''like'' it

HarryMonogenis2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

it was set up to look like they randomly asked a couple of children. Do you think that Microsoft (or any company for that matter) would of put a child saying "I hate it" on the finished advert?

Christopher2580d ago

Not me, personally. I find the move commercials where the family is acting all happy and moving all about almost as annoying as the Kinect ones. Only thing that kind of saves the Move one is Kevin Butler forcing his way into the house of the family.

acedoh2580d ago

are clearly advertisements. While this is on a website as a review. Big difference with this.

Genecalypse2580d ago

Dont they mean average Xbox user

hohoho, i only kid

Bodster2580d ago

LOL, since when do kids talk like that?

Chug2580d ago

When they're told to talk like that.

Parapraxis2580d ago

..when they are asked questions.

visualb2580d ago

seriously...these kids are reading from a script like you've never seen o.O

seriously whats with these bogus reviews and videos? where's the real stuff? =|

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