Reaction to Kinect has been 'euphoric'

There has been a "euphoric reaction" to Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft's European VP of Xbox 360 Chris Lewis has told MCV.

Asked what he made of the response to Kinect, Lewis said: "I think we have seen a euphoric reaction to it. The key is getting people in front of the technology and experiencing it. It's only when you start to play that it really comes to life. That's why we're doing so much trial around the UK and other parts of Europe."

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Omega42822d ago

Its amazing that its doing so well already, I still haven't seen a single ad in the UK. MS was obviously wise to have Kinect tours so people could try it out cause that must be the reason its doing so well this early.

Christopher2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

This reminds me of those stories about ridiculously wealthy people buying their friends.

Can't wait till next week when it's in the hands of the general user base.

To be completely honest, when they're controlling who gets to show their reviews at this time (meaning, those who make it look like the best thing since slice bread), it's not hard to have a feeling of euphoria. When the embargo is up, we'll see the full scope of reviews, not just the shining happy people ones.

KratosGIRL2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I need cake plis!!

wat6342822d ago

@kevin we have special priorities, like kinect.

Bigpappy2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Did they pay $500 mil for good reviews then put and embargo? please explain how this all works. I am lost at this point.

May be "butler" should have a look at the buying trend on Amazon. Kinect 250Gig bundle at #11 and the 4Gig at #48. Who do you think is buying those bundles over the stand alone. Its more than 360 owners buying Kinect. May be some of you PS3 buddies are buying it and saying "it for my sister" lol.

Pull your head out of the sand kid. There is a lot going on out here. You need to see it.

DelbertGrady2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It goes both ways.

Oh, removed your comment I see. I'll do the same, there's enough trolling in here already.

Funny you got 9 agrees for yours and I got 2 disagrees for mine seeing it's in a Kinect article and you were trolling.

acky12822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Hey KB, why'd you take down that was pretty true. I'll repeat without using expletives.

MS (4 years ago): "Here's some hardcore games guys, Wii is casual pansy crap."
XBoxer: "Hells Yeah!"

MS (present): "Here's a $150 controller add-on, with lag and casual games :) enjoy!"
XBoxer: "Hells Yeah!"

@Delbert, agree :) sony losers are just as bad! But Move does look very impressive while kinect does not...that's the difference for me anyway. btw - "tacked on hardcore games for an inferior experience" is a bullshit comment and you know it.

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wat6342822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Exactly, Its going to kill this holiday, just watch.

I'll be first to get my kinect, day one.

I hope man hunt will be available to play.

ryuzu2822d ago

Euphoria : a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes exaggerated in pathological states as mania.

Is he saying Kinect purchasers are mentally disturbed? Wow.


Parapraxis2822d ago

LOL, awesome.
Glad somebody else thought about that.

acedoh2822d ago

You call yourself a gamer and think this is great?? I'm asking because I don't see anything remotely fun with this device. I have been gaming my entire life. I have owned every console the past decade. The Kinect is leaving the core gamer behind.

Now if you disagree with me then prove to me that isn't true. Prove to me Microsoft has a slew of titles coming out that attracts core gamers. The only promos I have seen over and over are the rafting game where you jump. Seriously folks... Having rose colored glasses is fine but be honest with yourself. And that dance game. Hey have at it people. Jump in as they say.

hoops2822d ago

You're 100% correct in your statement. Kinect was never intended for you at this point. Kinect was brought forth by MS to take away market-share from Nintendo plain and simple. All the early titles will be casual wii type games to attract that demographics. That was the plan along.

FYI: If you think Sony is not doing the same strategy, think again.
Almost every single MOVE game coming out that's made for the device from the ground up is casual gaming. Wii like experience. There is a reason for this. The only left market share for MS and SOny to grb is from Nintendo.

Bigpappy2822d ago

Let see your definition of "gamer": One who only plays shooters only or loves his PS3.

May be you are the one who is NOT a gamer.

Nicaragua2822d ago

or there is the market share they can grab from each others core gamer crowd, teh very crowd that MS is truning its back on with Kinect and its multiplatform lineup.

Cenobia2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I can't really disagree with you there, but at least Sony has patched some core games so that the "hardcore" actually have an excuse to buy it. They have shown us that it CAN be used in core games, even if they haven't announced 100%-built-from-the-ground-up- for-Move core games.

Most people's main concern with Kinect is that there is no functionality built into the device that could actually be used in core games. You couldn't use Kinect in Resident Evil 5, for example. It just wouldn't be fun.

A game like Heavy Rain could be interesting if Kinect is actually as accurate as MS claims. Unfortunately, that is the only type of game that I see as being even remotely fun on this new device.


I agree that Kinect is not for the "hardcore" gamer, but I disagree when you say "You call yourself a gamer and think this is great"? I have been gaming a little long than you have and I believe that I am a "true" gamer, the reason why is because I don't limit myself to one type of game (everything gets a fair shot) and if I don't like it (after I give it a shot) then so be it. To be quite honest I wouldn't really care if MS decided not to put out another Hardcore game (which I seriously doubt) as I have a ps3 which is something everyone who calls themselves a gamer should do (have all systems so you enjoy everything).

I have played the Kinect and I can personally say that it is actually pretty cool. I cant wait to use the navigational controls and the voice recognition, and with the new ESPN app my Xbox is slowly becoming my entertainment hub, these little games that they are putting out for Kinect are just icing on the cake for me. I only want to buy Your Fitness, and Kinect Sports. If the rift game is the only promo you have seen, check out the hour long Kinect preview that was posted a couple of days ago. If that doesn't open your eyes a little bit then I don't know what will.

hamburgerhill2822d ago

That was spoken like a true gamer. Bubbles because you deserve them.

R2D22822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I have noticed that alot of these Kinect haters start off by saying I am a hardcore gamer or I have been gaming since the Atari days and think that every thing should be there - guess what moms,dads,kids and grand parents want to have fun too.

Just because it does not have any thing to do with your average brown,gray,green FPS or gore and blood that does not mean it is not fun - hell the other week I played Killzone 2, COD-MW2, Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor and I got so sick of FPS that I started playing pinball on my lap top.

My point is that people (hardcore gamers) should stop bitching about Kinect and give other people (casuals) a chance to enjoy it and make there own judgement on Kinect.

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AngryFork2822d ago

I think they mean 'paid' reaction. Without those dolla dolla advertising bills nobody would know or care about Kinect.

nycredude2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )


hahah spin spin spin words. Who the fcvk uses That word to describe anything gaming related. Nothing but PR talk and censorship of reviews. I smell a dud.

$500,000,000 for adverts = 25 Uncharted 2, Gears 3, Halo Reach, Gow3 type quality exclusives down the drain.

... And yet Omega4 is loving the Kinect blitz.

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NoBUDI2822d ago

I'm tired of the DiCS of this site(Disciples of the Church of Sony) ruining every single article. I can't be excited about it without some idiot coming in here and claiming he'd pre-ordered kinect and then cancelled. . .

ryuzu2822d ago

I concur - a blackout of Kinect news would be great. After all this is News4Gamers - Kinect isn't for us anyway.


Qui-Gon Jim2822d ago

Let me turn that around on you, though, and coin the term DiMs: Disciples of Microsoft.

I'm not defending the Sony fanboys. Fanboys are idiots no matter what their affiliation. That's kinda what the term "fanboy" means.

You are right, though, that people should just let others enjoy what they want to enjoy, whether it me Kinect or Move. I am a Sony fan - I have never been disappointed by any Sony product I've owned - but I can recognize that Kinect will be fun for certain things. It's not nearly as good as some people think it is, but it's not nearly as bad as others think it is.

LoydX-mas2822d ago

Unfortunately, there is a growing segment of people here that label themselves as "gamers" that do not allow others to enjoy what they wish.

Qui-Gon Jim2822d ago

There seems to be two kinds of "gamers", those who wear that title as hobbyists who have a genuine appreciation of the medium, and those who use it as an elitist label to separate them from the inferior "casuals".

Alos882822d ago

Right now it's looking too expensive for me, but I might buy Kinect sometime in 2011.

jacksons982822d ago

Me too when it's in the bargain bin for $20

ThatIrishGamer2822d ago

I haven't seen any games on it. I've seen all that casual stuff - but no actual games :( I guess everyone is pre-ordering Kinect for their grannies. :)

2822d ago
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