Kinect will be the best selling product this Christmas

Microsoft confirms day one allocations all accounted for, but promises more stock soon; Kinect according to Xbox’s general manager for UK & Ireland Neil Thompson: 'will be the best selling Xmas [Christmas] product'.

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Pedobear Rocks2522d ago

the astroturfing MS is doing.

drewboy7042522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

MS is just telling you whats happening. They need more units to sell because they know for the first month those thing will fly off shelves like wiis

NecrumSlavery2522d ago

iPAD is crushing the christmas lists.

Motion2522d ago

No way.

Nothing will ever outsell crappy sweaters for Christmas.

drewboy7042522d ago

Lol true. Still want an android tablet though

Megaton2522d ago

I think socks and fruitcakes can give crappy sweaters a run for their money.

drewboy7042522d ago

Lol i like how this isnt a serious conversation, lets keep it this way. What does fruitcake taste like

Qui-Gon Jim2522d ago

One fruitcake was kept by a family, and was still edible after a hundred years.

MisterNiwa2522d ago

Legends are told that Fruitcakes take down a Rathalos with two hits.

uisce2522d ago

Fruitcake's awesome, excellent game food too. [Caution the resulting sugar-rush may cause giggles]

nix2522d ago

@Qui-Gon Jim: like Mac burgers, eh?

kaos_fish II2522d ago

Lay off the fruitcake - damn good food, great with milk or alcohol. Makes an excellent weapon too if siblings or kids won't shut the hell up either.

ComboBreaker2522d ago

to beat iPad and iPhone this Christmas.

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PS360fanboy2522d ago

Kinect will most likely meet their expectations in terms of sales.

Spinal2522d ago

lool good username, you'll make some fanboy's heads explode with that one.

I own all consoles an a gaming rig PC. True gamers are just fan of games!

NnT32912522d ago

@spinalc0rd: True, I follow my favorite franchises, not the systems. I love GTA, If GTA V were a Wii exclusive I would happily buy me a Wii.

Spinal2522d ago

That makes two of us :)

I don't know why anyone would stick to one console out of some foolish fanboy pride.

WhitePolish2522d ago

bubble up
for your username

avengers19782522d ago

I noticed that they didn't say how many were actually all accounted for. This is a number they should already know. They know how many they made and if they are already spoken for then why not release the numbers. why not come out and say Kinect already sold 1.5 million(or whatever the # maybe)

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Zir02522d ago

Hopefully they are able to ship enough to meet demand.

R_aVe_N2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Wrong the best selling product will be CoD: Black Ops lol it is a product you know 8)

drewboy7042522d ago

It'll be the top two selling products 1 on 360 and 2 on ps3

TroyAndAbed2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

The best selling products this holiday:

Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

Kinect doesn't have a prayer against milk!

Edit: I don't know. People are becoming less traditional in favor of convenience.

And to them I say,


Motion2522d ago

Don't forget pine trees.

Bass_fisherman2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Youre forgetting that in Portugal people eat Norwegian cod (the fish not the game lol) as a main dish.And fish is way more expensive than meat but ppl still prefer it.

Fish >>> Meat

TroyAndAbed2522d ago

Honestly, I'm hoping people try both Kinect and Move before deciding.

I've made $150 mistakes before. I'd hate for that to happen to someone else.

DelbertGrady2522d ago

I've tried Move and it's great, and I'm also interested in trying out Kinect. Not because I'm getting either one anytime soon but because I like trying out new gadgets :)

In any case it's more likely that you go with the Move if you already own a PS3 and Kinect if you already own a 360. I'm still waiting for both to show some games that grab my interest.

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