See the coolest PS3 Eyetoy game yet

Trials of Topoq is a strange one. Trying to explain how it works to someone is a tough task, so is going to show it to you instead.

So check out their video so see what is easily the coolest uses of the USB camera, ever seen so far.

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MK_Red3951d ago

I'm a bit fan of these game but this is something else. Way cooler and more awesome than anything before it. Coolest indeed.

drtysouf213951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

PlayStation Eye. I'm sure their are alot of other games in development for it that we don't even know about yet. Also imagine adding Playstation Eye "mini games" to some of the big titles.(It'll have to optional of course) but like face mapping, or imagine like in a shooter there is a part where you use your body and the PlayStation Eye to dodge slow motion bullets or avoid obstacles! or in an RPG you use it to open chests or something or a shooter where you only use a light gun and the eye and your clearing a building you use the gun to shoot and your arms or legs to kick open doors! The possibilities are almost endless.

MikeGdaGod3951d ago

there was another game for the eye that looked much better.

i cant remember the name but it was one of the games that was in a story about the three new games for the eye..........

[email protected] it! what was the name? can't remember, too much dro

MK_Red3951d ago

scottie2521, Re you talking about Operation Creature Feature?

Yeah that game was also rad. I'm personally a big fan of games like Balance, Mercury and Marble Madness so Topoq excites me more but I also really love that Op Creature game.

MikeGdaGod3951d ago

yeah thats the one. i just found it going through the old pages. you beat me to it.

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pilotpistolpete3951d ago

Haha, eat your heart out wii, this is how you get interactive with games.

Leg-End3951d ago

the ps3 truly is about variety - from killzone, to rachet, to echochrome, to this - it's kinda like a wii + 360 in one, expensive box

drtysouf213951d ago

I hit disagree by mistake meant to hit agree. But your comment is true i own all 3 consoles but like the PS3 better for its diverse lineup and read my comment above for some things they could do with this.

mighty_douche3951d ago

who ever comes up with these ideas needs a pay rise! the potentail here is outstanding!!

TheExecutive3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

where is the video?

EDIT: NM i found it and thats pretty insane! The future is looking bright for gamers.

Rhezin3951d ago

wii + a 360?! what are you f!cking retarded. No similarities AT all, ps3 is best for grilling steaks and ribeye's, that what George Foreman grills do. Oh ya nice piece of black plastic! LOL

gunnerforlife3951d ago

u r the definition of a stupid fuking fanboy u d1ck get a life and stop eating gates sh1t every time his goes to the loo

Azures3951d ago

Their is a reason you have 2 bubbles.

power0919993951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Comparing the PS3 to a George Foreman grill. That's new, funny, and refreshingly original! Where do you guys come up with this stuff?

However if we are on the subject of cooking, would it not make more sense that the 360 would be better at cooking? I mean it obviously is capable of getting hotter right?

Then agian I guess you actually need the unit to cook on it. Too hard to cook on it if it's in the repair facility.

See what I did there? I took your joke, and turned it around to make one of my own. Really did only require 5mins of my brain power.

Gosh you guys are just so original.

SmokeyMcBear3951d ago

dude.. you put a rib eye on a george foreman grill... thats... just.... blasphemy. You are an abomination to grilling.

fenderputty3951d ago

Keep it up and soon I'll never have to see you again.

shysun3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Rhezen:"That what".....go back to school kid!

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