New PC RPG - Grim Dawn

The video is a short environmental showcase with the camera rotating around a static character but the graphics look stunning.

Grim Dawn: "Please note that developers do not usually allow their audience to see a game this early in development while the art is still in such a rough, unpolished state. However, we felt it was worth the risk because we want you, our fans, to be involved in the development of the game and to watch as things progress. So, please, keep in mind that we're not releasing materials to drum up buzz a few months in advance of release, rather, Grim Dawn is still pre-pre-pre-alpha and I might have even missed a pre. Thank you for your understanding!"

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Letros2820d ago

Damn that looks way better than I expected it to, I'm a huge fan of Titan Quest, very much looking forward to this, who knows maybe it will be out before D3.

jaih272819d ago

I'd say stunning is going a bit far, the graphics are decent, and I'm playing TQ right now, I gotta say they like very similar, however TQ was put out in 06, so I'm expecting much more from a later release, but the action RPG Lootcrawlers, need to get flushed out more, if torchlight, and the reurgence of the TQ buying feista on steam are any indication, people are hungry for more of this randomized loot action.