GAME’s unboxing of Kinect Video

GAME's unboxing of Kinect for Xbox 360

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MK24ever2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

The quality of the box managed to impress me... the rest not really, I want that box!
Is he really showing excitement or is a gun pointed at his head? It looks both things at same time tbh.

NecrumSlavery2850d ago

If GAME is 'sold out' as they say, isn't it a little douchey to open up a Kinect that they could sell instead.

MK24ever2850d ago

That's the conclusion I got to after trying for 4 times buy a game from them and having my Credit Card rejected when everything was ok with it...

Apollyn2850d ago

my store has 60 actual pre orders and about 80 being sent through for "Free Sale"

Simco8762850d ago

Instead of unboxing this camera, why don't you just plug it in and show us the game? Embargo on reviews much?

acky12850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Stop trying to sell it to us and show us what it can actualy do.

Alvadr2849d ago

Wont be long now.. The truth shall be revealed

TroyAndAbed2850d ago

Tay Zonday works at GAME?

TroyAndAbed2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )


He's reading from cue cards.


I'm actually starting to believe the conspiracies. Seriously...what IF Microsoft is using that marketing money to "persuade"?

Or...maybe the deal is...they'll send it to websites early for reviews...if they say the lines that are pre-written for them.

suckerpunch2850d ago

if sony wants success with its stupid move................then do something about it ! sucka

Killed4Less2850d ago

GTFO - It's an unboxing don't start up with your usual troll Kinect garbage again. Take your tin foil hat and choke on it.

Alvadr2849d ago

Hes not being biased. He works for Game, like Gamestop in the US... So of course hes going to try and sell it to you.. Its his job. They probably ordered a million from Microsoft.

Chug2850d ago

That thing is huge! I always pictured it a lot smaller.

TroyAndAbed2850d ago

That's what...

Naw...too easy. -_-

suckerpunch2850d ago

simply because your avatar scared the hell out of me

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The story is too old to be commented.