Kinect will sell more units then at Wii launch, says Greenberg

VG247: Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg is confident Kinect will sell. The man thinks it’ll sell more then Wii did at its launch four years ago, after all.

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GTmonster2853d ago

Kinect is an accessory. Pretty desperate tbh.

ryuzu2853d ago

Well the Wii was difficult to get hold of and that strangled sales at launch and for about 18 months afterward.

The Kinect is supposedly difficult to get hold of unless you're in the Oprah audience - once Kinect launches this site is News 4 Granma's lol.


NoLongerHere2853d ago

So basically he says that Wii audience = Kinect audience. :)

ct032853d ago

Of course it's the same audience as the Wii. That's not much of a secret.

sikbeta2853d ago

Oh... the hyping machine started already... lol... he labeled kinect as a wii kind of add-on... confirming endless line-up of shovelware for x360 owners, maybe?

r1sh122853d ago

either MS or Sony are likely to eat heavily into wii sales.
Both have an accessory to rival the wii's casual audience, the difference is how many people will buy a console for the accessory?
We know many people will buy the accessory for the console, but that will not be the deciding factor for who gets the most sales this holiday.
If people do not have a wii yet, its time to but the xbox 360 or ps3

Spydiggity2853d ago

it is a BOLD statement. but i'm not sure what's "desperate" about it. please explain

PS360fanboy2853d ago

It won't sell more than the Wii. If I recall it, it was the most successful console launch of all time.

Anon19742853d ago

So Greenberg thinks that Kinect will sell more units than the Wii. To put that into perspective - if the Wii suddenly stopped selling tomorrow, the 360 in the next few years would have to sell a Kinect to every single consumer who had ever bought a 360, plus sell an extra 30 million 360's and sell a Kinect to every single one of those customers as well.

"Time to wake up. Put your shoes on, we're at grandma's"
He's dreaming.

Spydiggity2852d ago

he didn't say more than the wii... he said more than the wii launch. still seems unlikely...but not impossible

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yoghurt2853d ago

kinect is an acessory, surely it will sell more?

Ilikegames762853d ago

an expensive accessory, almost the same price as the Wii. The BS that sprout out of this man's mouth is really astounding.

sikbeta2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Accesories/Add-ons/peripherals don't massively wide-spread easily, the only exception is the Guitar Hero stuff for the PS2 and so on, everything else don't even reach 1/3 of the actual number of consoles sold to consumers... so, Mr hype is being very optimistic here... well, maybe with $500 million ad campaign, it may come true...

RememberThe3572853d ago

They went and got my hopes up. Thats bog talk, they must like what they're seeing from the preorders.

nygamer282853d ago

i hate to say this but theres a slight chance

foker2853d ago

I will be shell-shocked if this sells 1 million lifetime,.. But people are stupid,.. so Im shell-shocked I guess,..

timmyrulz2853d ago

Ok then, I will be buying Kinect because my 3 year old daughter is looking forward to playing kinectimals, does that make me stupid for wanting to see my little girl happy?
Not everyone wants to play shooters and what have you

rekof2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

No,.. It is your child and your money,.. Would get her something more complex interaction-wise but then again I really don't know what 3year old can do,..I get out when it comes to that stage, because I am a pussy or have a real problem with trust in women's minds,..I think child is a blessing though,..
So I guess Kinect might be perfect for her bro,.. but children are quite smart,..

nickjkl2853d ago

timmy i woulnt recommend that shes since shes 3 years old 2 years younger before she turns 5 and forgets everything i would reccomend some cheap entertainment since you dont know exactly how interested she will be in it after she gets it

JackBNimble2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Don't be surprised if she plays with the box more then kinect.... after all she is only 3.

Oh By the way, I would never let kids play video games that are that young, it could turn into a nasty habit and you may regret it.

I am a parent also and this is just my opinion.

Moentjers2853d ago

wow, I have an almost 3 year old, congratz if you can keep her interested for more than 15' a day !

visualb2853d ago

but surely you can make her happy without buying her a 150 dollar peripheral?

say, loads of stuffed toys, a new doll house?

if you have a 3 year old you'll know how quickly kids jsut forget stuff...wonder how long she'll forget about kinectimals?

either way, do as you wish, just feel a 150 dollar peripheral isn't NECESSARY to make a 3 year old happy.

RIP_Weazel2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Yeah for the common sense parenting thread! How could you justify spending that amount of money?!
"because my 3 year old daughter is looking forward to playing kinectimals, does that make me stupid for wanting to see my little girl happy?" Yup.
My two and a half year old is happy if I take her to the park, bake stuff, do painting, etc,etc. Quality time dude. Save the games till she's old enough to want to do her own thing, and have a bit of space.
*kudos for the disagree - I realise now that to be a real parent, I just need to spend obscene amounts of money on transient tat that won't contribute to her development beyond making her a spoilt brat. Thanks Dr.Spock. You're so wise.

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