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Fallout: New Vegas: Sunset Sarsaparilla Blue-star Caps Locations

Max from Coregamer: So, I have been playing Fallout: New Vegas for some time now and completed the main Storyline. I have found myself trying to get all of the achievements in all the games I play lately, not so that I can have a little list of trophies or gamer points, but so that I can say I have completed the game fully. Those of you who know me will know this is not something I do often, once the story is over I get bored and move on to a new game. As part of my achievement hunt on New Vegas I discovered Blue star caps and have included a list of locations for those of you who are as lazy as me and would rather just go and collect them without spending an age looking in what is probably the wrong place anyway: (Fallout: New Vegas, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

falloutx  +   1649d ago
I have 40 without the need of a guide, but this is good for those who don't want to explore every corner or location.
visualb  +   1648d ago
i want to explore the whole world over 2 playthroughs
so this very useful
hikayu  +   1648d ago
unless you rush in 1 of them , 2 playthroughs would take months and i find it rather ... pointless . im a fallout fan , dont take me wrong , but i dont play it through twice , ever . i poured in over 120 hours in 1 play through . only when im done with everything do i continue to last mission and then end the game ( until DLC )
visualb  +   1648d ago
then you'll miss out on multiple endings and missions
I play through twice because I did about half the missions, leaving about half inaccessible

+ got an ending, now will replay differently to see new ending.

new vegas has
Bass_fisherman  +   1648d ago
Its no fun if you know where they are.but i bet that ppl are going for it anyways cause its way to time consuming.
Shield  +   1648d ago
Nice Guide...Thanks!
I have quite a few blue-star caps that I've found on my own. The rest are from friendly wanderers who I've run into. I warn them of the dangers and then shoot them in the back of the head as they walk away. It's the life I've chosen...I regret nothing! ;-)
dirtydbz  +   1648d ago
I just told the guy to give me the blue caps then blasted his head off
he had 7 of them ( I wonder if that means I can get 107 now)
Hazmat13  +   1648d ago
if i found some, i found some. im more into Nuka cola caps. lol
ElementX  +   1648d ago
I haven't found a snow globe yet and I didn't even know about blue star caps! I can't wait to play when I get off of work, but I'm working a double :( Only 15.25 hours to go!
dirtydbz  +   1648d ago
wow I found my first snow globe with in an hour of playing the game you need to be searching harder element
ElementX  +   1648d ago
Alright. I know there's one by the water tower near Goodsprings, but I read that somewhere. Truth be told, I haven't really explored that much.
dragon82  +   1648d ago
Go to Goodsprings again and check every grave site under the water tower. There is no way you can miss it. The are actually quite large. All 7 of them are actually very easy to spot if you know what they look like.
Azazel  +   1644d ago
You have to go to all 100 of those locations to get the right amount of caps for the trophy? OMG
Azazel  +   1644d ago
I just confirmed that all you need is 50. I found it on youtube. Sorry but I didnt see that in this article.

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