Killzone 3: More Than 10 Minutes of Awesome Sniper Action (True HD)

Watch more than ten minutes of pure sniper action in Killzone 3.

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killzowner2850d ago

Crysis 2 looks nowhere near as good on consoles.

Red_Orange_Juice2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

someone please reupload this to youtube, you know for justice

jut4202850d ago

I honestly haven't seen anything impressive about Crysis. I was looking forward to it because it always seemed like a cool concept with the suit and I love nice graphics, but everything I've seen of Crysis I've been disappointed. I saw a MP trailer and I don't think it could have seemed any more generic. K3 on the other hand is looking even better than K2 and K2 was awesome.

visualb2850d ago

but on consoles, it will just possibly be the best looking multi-plat FPS

however, the SP game looks quite fun, the MP looks a bit tacked on.

LoVeRSaMa2850d ago

But not once does he use the invisibility perk, wtf?

Lastcall2850d ago

It's cause they got to dumb down both PS3 and 360 games because they got to keep them both equal..If Crysis was done on the PS3 seperately from the 360, PS3 would Pwn the outdated graphics of the 360. 360 is a thorn in PS3's side. All multiplats for those consoles have to be the same quality..Just look at how amazing Killzone 2 and the upcoming 3 look on PS3. Just proves that 360 is holding back the PS3 from greatness in the multiplatform genre area..

That's why multiplats go on my gaming PC rig, and PS3 games are only Exclusives..Multiplats on consoles suck..

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

This is why I don't like big maps with Snipers enable, because of the campers.

nickjkl2847d ago

not really sniping is pretty hard compared to most games in kz2

besides aren't camping what snipers supposed to do take a shot if it hits move to another location and or keep firing until the enemy starts firing back or until the enemy is completely eradicated in your view and then change position

HeavenlySnipes2850d ago

Shooter of the year. Corinth Highway look amazing and its only one of the many MAPS! I'll be on this till KZ4

Skadoosh2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

What a snorefest. This game looks and play so bland. Maps look like they were stolen straight from Fallout. I'll stick with the next Resistance for the best shooter on the ps3.

killzowner2850d ago

fail if you think this looks and plays "bland"

2850d ago
dead_eye2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

He's right the gameplay looks bland in that video. The problem with it is the guy is playing against bots. If he was in a proper multiplayer game it would be 100x better. This video isn't the true representation of the game.

Edit Don't agree with his comment on the maps. They are awesome.

DaCajun2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Skadoosh is an XBOT, he doesn't even own a PS3 what a loser troll.

Here's a couple of his past posts and you tell me if that's not a 360 fanboy.

Stop being a fanboy and become a real gamer. PC,360,PS3, and Wii here

HeavenlySnipes2850d ago

Give me an example of a shooter that isn't. If you played KZ2 you'd expct the maps to look like, I don't know, they were destroyed by a nuke?

Silly troll

raztad2850d ago

Skaadosh posts are a snorefest. Talking about games he has never tried. KZ3 beta, it is AWESOME. Better STFU.

theIMP2850d ago

You told Skadoosh he "Better STFU", and I was curious, he better STFU or what? I may have misunderstood what you meant, but it looks like a threat to me, and I was just wondering what would be his consequence if he doesn’t STFU?

raztad2850d ago

Sending him some hate mails perhaps? lol.

Better STFU = Dont embarrass yourself.


OT: People playing KZ3, 2.04 patch is live. Game got even better. I think the movement is slightly heavier, but just slightly.

theIMP2850d ago

LOL, I like the hate mail response, but I didn't think of it from the embarrassing angle. That’s why I asked, hell if there was some way to get people through the internet, I wanted to know how too. Like I said I was just curious, I didn’t disagree or debubble you, just wanted in on the secret if there was one.

Dannehkins2850d ago

I was actually taken back by how good this game is looking. Good time to own a PS3? I think so.

DelbertGrady2850d ago

Anyone got a youtube link?

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