Sony’s Finances Looking Good

Sony’s consolidated results for the 3 months to September 30th build on those from last quarter to paint an increasingly positive picture of the company’s financial health. Sony as a whole recorded an operating income of ¥68.7 billion (£524m, $828m) compared to the operating loss of ¥32.6bn (£249m, $393m)they suffered in the same period last year.

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Dannehkins2820d ago

Sounds like someone at Sony is deserving of a very big gold star for their turn around.

80082820d ago

All out of the gold stars... would you mind a smiley face or perhaps this duck? Look at the duck! *Quack* No. You can't have the duck! It's mine. You have the smiley face.

onanie2819d ago

Well deserved, indeed.

NoBUDI2820d ago

Microsoft posts an Operating Income of $7.12 billion and Microsoft is the dying consumer brand? Right
Oh and 5 billion in profit too...

Dannehkins2820d ago

Well when you are suffering from a poor exchange rate from yen to dollar, yen to pound and yen to euro and you manage to turn it around so quickly, that's pretty darn good.

BUT OF COURSE, you seem to be rather upset by this article. Shame really, I thought the point of this article was pretty obvious but it seems to have flew over your head judging by your comment.

You poor poor person :(

Game-ur2820d ago

In this site we compare games consoles and their performance, PS3 vs. 360.

MS and Sony are big corporations and gaming is only divisions, we should only compare the performance of them specifically. Nintendo may be the only company with gaming as its main division.

And MS is dying, there was no completion for it for many years, but now it's difficult for them to catch up to Google and apple in the new technology era. And they will face a big and real threat to windows when Google release their PC OS.

sikbeta2820d ago


MS also runs a Monopoly, you know? it should be profiting all the time...

Skadoosh2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


GTmonster2820d ago

with more assets and employs more people. They are a japanese company so its hurting them due to the yen. They will bounce back easily.

GTmonster2820d ago

Sony's total company take for the three months ending 30th September was $20.9 billion. That breaks down into Consumer, Professional & Devices ($10.7 billion), Networked Products and Services ($4.4 billion), Financial Services ($2.7 billion), Sony Pictures ($1.7 billion) and Sony Music ($1.3 billion).

Vs microsoft 16.2billion.

feelintheflow2819d ago

Microsoft 5+ billion in us dollars, there are 1000 million in billion. This isn't even close dude. Good for sony but to try and compare there net profit to Microsofts is laughable.

Silly gameAr2820d ago

lol. Don't worry. I'm sure MS and Windows 7 isn't going anywhere. You don't have too post numbers from your favorite billion dollar company to make yourself feel better.

Sheikh Yerbouti2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

In terms of market share, Microsoft is falling behind other companies. Just because their other divisions (i.e., Windows) is able to pull a hefty profit doesn't mean their other division are doing okay. I'm sick of these "Well look at all the moneez" replies to the CNN article two days ago.

Every company has its struggles, and Sony is no different either as this article clearly illustrates.

Shadow Flare2820d ago

You know, it wasn't who wrote that 'Microsoft is a dying consumer brand' article. It was And it wasn't crazy fanboys who downgraded Microsoft in the stock Market. It was Wall Street.

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jneul2820d ago


slutface2820d ago

The competition needs Sony to succeed...there is no videogame industry without sony!

Equinoxe_72820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Gaming will be too boring without Sony....Nin and MS.

Motorola2819d ago

Your right, MW2 would have won GOTY last year if it wasnt for Sony *shivers*

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