Metro Review - Fable III is not fit for a king

Does Fable III make good on the promises of its predecessors - or does it betray them? GameCentral plays one of the Xbox 360's biggest Christmas exclusives.

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CR-Y-SIS2851d ago

Another mediocre exclusive for 360.

joydestroy2851d ago

i don't think it's mediocre. that's just a rough score. it's worth at least an 8 in my book

number472851d ago

in everyone elses book averaged by metacritic..

its another mediocre(non AAA) exclusive for the 360.

kaveti66162851d ago

infamous - 85 metascore

motorstorm - 84 metascore

warhawk - 84 metascore

vanquish - 84 metascore

pixeljunk monsters - 83 metascore

everyday shooter - 83 metascore

trine - 83 metascore

ninja gaiden sigma 2 - 83 metascore

gran turismo hd concept - 83 metascore

darksiders - 82 metascore

modnation racers - 82 metascore

motorstorm: pacific rift - 82 metascore

Fable III - 81 metascore

bomberman ultra - 81 metascore

echochrome - 81 metascore

assassin's creed - 81 metascore

metal gear online - 81 metascore

eternal sonata - 80 metascore

pixeljunk eden - 80 metascore

gran turismo 5 prologue - 80 metascore

yakuza 3 - 80 metascore

heavenly sword - 79 metascore

fat princess - 79 metascore

mirror's edge - 79 metascore

disagea 3: absence of justice - 78 metascore

MAG - 76 metascore

heavy rain chronicles episode 1 - 75 metascore

noby noby boy - 75 metascore

folklore - 75 metascore

naruto: ultimate ninja storm - 75 metascore

savage moon - 73 metascore

flow - 71 metascore

eyepet move edition - 70 metascore

atelier rorona: the alchemist of arland - 68 metascore

the shoot - 65 metascore

white knight chronicles - 64 metascore

socom us navy seals confrontation - 63 metascore

afrika - 63 metascore

time crisis razing storm - 60 metascore

time crisis 4 - 60 metascore

genji days of the blade - 55 metascore

haze - 55 metascore

lair - 53 metascore

What was your previous account, again? Just tell us.

Beahmscream2851d ago

Had high hopes for this one... Guess I better stop believing Peter.

Beahmscream2851d ago

Don't get me wrong, I am still getting the game and looks good. It's just that the game promised so much it is hard not to overlook the flaws.

DiRtY2851d ago

The game is awesome. Nothing short of it. The atmosphere is great, the voice acting probably one of the best in the industry (along with Uncharted 2).

You don't need ultra realistic 3D graphics when there is so much charme and such a great artstyle. I can't wait to keep on playing the game (girlfriend is here, pizza and horror-movie coming - not shabby either).

Reviews are all about taste, sure. Then this game is just my taste and I advise everybody to give it a try. (You can download the first episode on XBL soon). If you haven't got an Xbox 360, get one for it or wait 6 months to play it on Games for Windows. It is worth it.

Simco8762851d ago

"You don't need ultra realistic 3D graphics when there is so much charme and such a great artstyle. I can't wait to keep on playing the game (girlfriend is here, pizza and horror-movie coming - not shabby either). "

Sounds like your about to support the Wii next!

Disccordia2851d ago

I have also played through the game, and I have been very disappointed in it. For me, it's pretty much just Fable 2 with a different storyline. Some of the changes in mechanics from Fable 2 have resulted in a worse experience imo.

The game is still fun and does indeed have a certain charm to it, but there's no evolution from Fable 2. Personally, I'd still give it a 7.5/10 but feel it could have been so much better.

Godmars2902851d ago

Okay, but how well is this "new kingdom" you have to deal with in the latter part of the game done? Of what value or significance was the hand holding mechanic Molyneaux talked up? Did it make you feel more involved while plying?

T9X692851d ago

The first half of the game is you proving you're not like your brother and have to earn the trust around the people of Albion and make promises, and making a few tough decisions. Then you and you're followers barge the castle to take over the throne. Once you take over you're choices effect how Albion becomes, you can keep your promises or break them, and will be faced with decision after decision that effect how the world of Albion will look and feel. You feel more involved in this game than any other Fable and most games out period. They did an amazing job making you feel like a true King/Queen and given a sense of power and how you wish to use it, for good or evil. The holding hands thing isn't greatest thing around, but you can drag people to work, bring a few people over and have an orgy if you wish. There isn't really many things you can do with the holding hands mechanic, but then again I haven't really tried a bunch of different things either.

This game is getting mixed reviews simply because Fable isn't the type of game for everyone, you either hate it or love it. Personally I love this game, I'm working on my second playthrough as an Evil Princess while my main save with a Good King still isn't complete because I have tons of side quest left to do. You can read all these fanboy comments on how the game is horrible or didn't live up to the hype, but I guarantee you half of them haven't even played the game, let alone finish it.

Every decision you make in this game effects how your world will look, feel and react to you, and there are TONS of decisions to make. That right there gives each playthough its own unique feel and will keep you coming back for more to see how different sequences of decisions will effect the world.

Godmars2902851d ago

My only real problem with Fable, besides Molyneaux endlessly talking up some feature that either isn't in the game or watered down, is that there isn't much fable in Fable. Since the first game it hasn't been about dealing with monsters, but people. You're not lifting curses or making deals with magical beings, you're making a kingdom.

I'm just saying that at this point the game should be called Legend or King-Maker.

T9X692851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Well there's more "monsters" if you will, in Fable 3 than Fable 2. I don't really want to post spoilers but since you seem interested, I'll post it below.


The game does deal around people, but it's more or less recruiting people and raising money to protect your Kingdom by either being good or evil, because there is a massive attack at the end of the game you have to fight against which are "monsters" for the sake of spoilers. As king you have 365 days to prepare yourself for this attack, so you will be forced with decisions and trying to earn money for the treasury, or donating your own. Some of the monsters include things like Sand Furies, Dark Minions, Hollowmen, Shadows, Sentinels, plus a few more.


I would say if you're unsure to rent it. It's still an awesome game that's a good length, my first playthrough took almost 20 hours and I skipped tons of side quest.

Obama2851d ago

Scores all over the place.

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