Jax is back in Mortal Kombat

Thanks to the release of a special edition of Mortal Kombat in GTTV that will be uploaded soon, it has been confirmed that Jax is back.


Updated with the Jax Gameplay and Fatality.

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JohnApocalypse2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I was pretty certain he would be in the game

gamerzBEreal172728d ago

jax was always great in mortal combat but all his moves didn't really do that much damage but they are awsome

Sub-Zero852728d ago

Not surprised at all !!!!

Bass_fisherman2728d ago

looks more deadly than ever.

Dan502728d ago

Rip their arms off THEN smash their head in.

CernaML2728d ago

That's probably what he actually meant. I would find it illogical to smash their head in and THEN rip their arms off...

Skizelli2728d ago

Better yet, rip their arms off, then crush their head with their arms.

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