PS3 Tops Over 41.5 Million Units, Trails Xbox 360 by Less Than 3 Million

Sony has released sales data for Q2 and in the results they post strong sales for the PlayStation brand, but sales for the PS3 in Sony's fiscal 2010 have been strong with sales close to 6 million as of the end of September. In other news, Sony's PS3 has also closed the gap in worldwide sales against Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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GTmonster2851d ago

article with same headline last time opportunistic website lol

MURKERR2851d ago

Only idiots will turn this into a fanboy 'ranticle' yep new word i just made up.

Well done to sony for weathering the storm and closing the gap, well done to microsoft for still staying relevant.

jack_burt0n2851d ago

<hits MURKERR with the pork chop express>

"Its all in the reflexes, Lo Pan!"

nix2851d ago

i mean come on! everyone who's been in the industry knows that there's no point chasing the sale numbers. the PS3 has been winning GOTY after GOTY all these years. plus the 360 was marred by RROD.

doa7662851d ago

"Sony has had a stronger 2010 than Microsoft with over 8.1 million PS3s sold compared to Microsoft's 5.8 million Xbox 360s. "

that's what happens with you invest in timed exclusive DLC and an updated version of the eyetoy instead of in studios to make core games

Kill Crow2851d ago

it's been 3 million for about 4 months now

jack_burt0n2851d ago


Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back on top by new years... call Jack Tretton.

Amiroo2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )


yeah money can buy a cheap reviewer but how about games ? PS3 sells 100millions unite but why ps3 top selling game is 5million in 3years ? do the PS3fans buy PS3 for somthing else ? PS3 fans in internet and site like these are billions and i wonder why they don't buy games !!!

how can PS3 sells better in 2010 when the NPD statistics shows somthing else ?

badz1492851d ago

for the gazillionth time...NPD = NA =/= THE WHOLE WORLD!

morganfell2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

No, that is not correct. It was over 3 mil prior to this announcement. It is now less than 3 mil. The PS3 has made up another 500K plus. The point being the PS3 continues to close ground and places like vgchartz have their collective head up their ass.

MURKERR2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

By your logic 360s attach rate for exclusives fail aswell,splinter cell,fable,forza etc

only halo an gears sell more. Seriously do some research before you type rubbish or listening to old wives tales and research FACTS

only thing worse than a fanboy is a stupid fanboy

Bathyj2851d ago

Which Lo Pan? Little old basket case on wheels or the ten foot tall roadblock?

You guys didnt think you were going to play movie quotes without me did you? you see I took something. I can see things no one else can see.

fishd2851d ago

Last year PS3 owners bought 115* million copies of games
Last year 360 owners bought 103* million copies of games

*Official numbers by Sony and MS


Game-ur2851d ago

PS3 finally over 40m.

It was gaining on the 360 rapidly until the 360slim and Halo boosts, but the effect faded quicker than I expected.

I think the Kinect will give it an even bigger boost but for how long? And the new comers will be casual centric, I don’t expect soccer moms to jump on Halo or GoW.

For 2011 the face off will be between the PS3 big hardcore games lineup that has Twisted Metal, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm, Resistance 3, The Last Guardian, SOCOM + Move games vs. a mainly casual 360 lineup and GoW 3

nickjkl2851d ago

then theirs people like me wanting to see developers code for the ps3 correctly before a new console age

if multiplat devs cant do that then whats the point in making a high power console which would probably make me go full pc until the ps5

Hideo_Kojima2851d ago

You didn't invent the word Ranticle its already been done...

acedoh2851d ago

Microsoft is changing there whole focus and going more towards the casual crowd. Generally they have been catered more to the hardcore crowd which is loyal and great but Microsoft wants bigger profit margins. They can spend 10 million and release a Kinect title that sells 1 million copies and makes them a huge profit margin... or they could spend 30 to 50 million and hope a new IP takes off or gets left in the dust and could lose them money or just make a few bucks. Microsoft is going for the gusto. I really hope Kinect fails because it will only hurt gaming for the core gamers. Those who support Microsoft and think this great come back to me in a year and say the same thing. SONY knows their audience. They have released the move but their focus is still on the core gamers. They still have plenty of great games coming out. I think all of us this site are gamers and we really shouldn't be happy with what's happening to the 360 with no sign of a new console coming...

sikbeta2851d ago

Great Work Sony, lets see sales skyrocketing when The Real Driving Simulator #5 comes out...

visualb2850d ago

still, good to see both are coming head to head.

41.5 mil in 4 years, thats 10mil + per year, 10 year plan = 100 with a variable of 10 mil?

huh, nice. almost like PS2 =3

this is great news, means support for PS3 will maintain and thus great games and service will keep coming =)

Anon19742850d ago

Were are all the guys that were claiming the 360 has been selling more than the PS3 worldwide for months now? Correct me if I'm wrong - but this now shows the PS3 has outsold the 360 by 2.3 million consoles year to date. Their being crushed this year, and the holidays haven't even hit yet, and this is after the 360s launch and price cut on the old 360 consoles. The game business has sure changed since the 360 was on top in 2007.

SephireX2850d ago

I agree. The industry is healthy and you know what that means, better games and better consoles next gen. Competition is healthy and leads to better games and hardware. That doesn't mean we can't hate certain companies or hope some companies crush others but it does mean that there is a war going down and let's hope it continues.

deafwing2850d ago

who's sh'long is bigger? Can't believe people are still tracking these numbers .. thought gamers were over this.

Truth2850d ago

Totally waaaaay off topic, but thanks to seeing Jack Burtons username I went out and bought Big Trouble in Little China on Blue-Ray. Kud0s Jack, kud0s. That is all.

Joule2850d ago

This is what I talk about when I say VGChartz is fail. They barely have the PS3 at 39 million consoles sold. And the real numbers are 41.5 million.

madpuppy2850d ago

Your skill with a knife is unquestionable but, the lipstick has to go.

jeseth2850d ago

Its time. Blu Ray players have finally come down to the point of affordability for most consumers and now that PS3 is breaking even/making money on each PS3 they should hit the $199 price point so more people can get in on PS3s gaming awesomeness!

I'm just glad PS3 and 360 are still doing well. This gen could last a while longer.

ShinMaster2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

So that means...

PS3s are selling faster! :O

BattleAxe2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

By this time next year the 360 should easily be in 3rd place, especially with oldschool heavyweights like Gran Turismo, Socom and Killzone releasing over the next 6 months and with Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 releasing by next Christmas its a done deal.

Lastcall2850d ago

Imagine MS's sales numbers if they made a quality product with the 360 with low RROD rates. Sony would be by them by 10 million or more units. I'd say half of the total sales of 360's are all rebuys. I for one am a 3 console 360 purchaser from having crap hardware. Sad but true..

Lightsaber2850d ago

Wow so $ony is now using stores as warehouses to they can say they sold ps3

2850d ago
Oner2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

@ Lightsaber ~ Sorry but Microsoft is the ONLY one who has a proven documented history of "Channel Stuffing"...Read this to be informed properly ~

Care to show us some proof of your "info"?

blipboy742850d ago

WTFC??? Kudos on the made up word.

HolyOrangeCows2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

PS3 is only about 3 million behind. After the Kinect fails when people discover that it doesn't work in their modest (non-mansion) homes and is buggy in general anyway, the Ps3 will be as good as outsold over the 360.

Take into account the broken xbox 360s that were replaced by newer models (Especially when you look at how long the transfer cables were on the first page of highest selling items on sites like Gamestop); without all of those defective ones, the Ps3 probably would have outsold the 360 long ago.

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fishd2851d ago

The gap between the two HD console is pretty irrelevant at this point

edhe2851d ago


Both are runaway successes pushing envelopes and providing fantastic gaming experiences. The competition between them forcing better end-products for every involved gamer.

Good times.

morganfell2851d ago

No. No it doesn't. Because were companies to concentrate on the hardware with the best capability then we could see envelope pushing titles in the manner of certain PS3 exclusives.

Instead we see dumbed down products that attempt to make each version look like the other. The idea that "Competition breeds innovation" fails in this instance. There are times when that axiom is a fallacy and this is one of those moments. When the PS2 ruled the gaming world Sony did not throw it's hands up and give up on taking things to the limit. Neither did the 3rd party companies supporting the PS2.

Ilikegames762851d ago

one of these consoles don't forget their core gamers by going after the casuals.

Denethor_II2851d ago

Oh, oh I love everyone, lets all be friends, I own all consoles.

edhe2851d ago

@ Morganfell "Because were companies to concentrate on the hardware with the best capability then.."

... then the ps3 would've been dropped years ago. It was a new architecture & difficult to adapt to, slower, more expensive, in less homes and is only now achieving parity.

Be careful what you wish for.

2851d ago
edhe2851d ago

Eh.. no.

NB "dated" 360 architecture is newer than the ps3's. 360 chip designed after the ps3's, gpu a generation later than the rsx...

bananlol2850d ago

The x86 architecture, which is in the 360, is over 30 years old, so i werry much doubt its newer then the cell.

Darrius Cole2850d ago

I think the point of what Morganfell wrote was his comment on the phrase:

"Competition breeds innovation"

Specifically his primary point is that the phrase is false when it refers to the effect of multiple consoles on the quality of video games.

I agree with him.

Having two different consoles with roughly equal shares of the market actually holds back innovation of video game software. Software development becomes all about making it easier to get two different platforms to produce the same result.

If you want to push software innovation, you need one standard platform. Even the weaker hardware had marketshare so large that it became the defacto standard, you would see continual progress and innovation from the software on that platform.

Nathaniel_Drake2850d ago

You are also forgetting when it was sega nintendo and Sony it was the games that were in competition. Now the competition is mainly which console gives extra content. If MS aren't going to release games for their system now I just don't see them as competition for Sony which really sucks, because we don't get the product from that competition in unique games for each system. With Sega you got great unique games when competing with Sony. All we are getting from MS is the upmanship in extra console content. Where are the games? Why are 360 only owners so content with a weak lineup of unique games, yet they are happy with extra content. If the ps3 were to only produce multiplat games how would the gaming scene be with the 360 heading with it's game, you would then see which company is pulling it's weight in gaming

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tinybigman2851d ago

you know some of the fanboy haters will not like this hahahaha. well done to all 3 companies, i knew that none of them would be going anywhere, while the idiots who thought otherwise are in fact idiots lol.

AceofStaves2850d ago

Agreed. Considering the state of the global economy, it's good to see all 3 companies have been successful building install bases this gen.

ARBitrator2850d ago

People come out talking smack when a story comes out favoring their desires. Most consumers see sells as sold "to consumers". Most business see sells as sold to retail.

Here's how I see it, Sony has flooded to the market with more PS3s that Microsoft has done with the 360. Sites that have been tracking sales have been tracking to consumers and thus the 360 "HAS" sold more. It's all a bunch of smoke and mirrors, Sony has found a way to pacify it's fanboys by releasing big numbers and not clarifying if they sales are to consumers or to retail.

Although, it's still money in sony's pocket if they are sold to retail, but's everyone knows these are not the sales numbers that fanboys argue about. Fanboys argue about which console is in the most homes.

But, whatever makes the Darkride66's and the Morganfell's feel better about themselves is cool with me. I personally think we will never really know what the real numbers are because each company (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) will spin them to best fit their interest.

Feel free to believe what you want, but it's pretty easy to ship a bunch of consoles and call them sold and depending on how you are looking at it, it's actually true. But using the fanboy system, Sony selling 8.1 million PS3 to consumers is pure BS.


Please I would love to hear you rebuttals to go along with your disagrees. Rabid fanboys talking a bunch of butt hurt BS need not apply.

Pen152850d ago

You're the one that sounds butt hurt. Bubble down for immaturity.

ARBitrator2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I agree immaturity should get bubbled down. I think I'll take that bubble back from you.

Don't know how the hell you think me voicing my opinion makes me immature, It's not like I call someone a name or anything. Now, you taking my bubble simply because you disagree...Now that's immature. So back at you JUNIOR!

The very last line in my comment above was specifically written for guys like you.

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Death24942851d ago

Both systems are doing great in sales. In the end, the only thing that really matters is the games. Much props to Sony for overcoming the hurdles before them. All the "no games" and "they should've removed blu-ray" arguments have been put to bed. Kidos to Microsoft too, for grabbing some previously Playstation only exclusives (GTA4 being the biggest). Nintendo owns the IPs to most of the games they release, so they not worried about anyone at this point. This gen is looking like it's coming down to longevity, and Wii is starting to show it's age. 3d is coming just like HD did, so people better gear up for it.

nickjkl2850d ago

one thing is wrong

san andreas was on xbox
vice city was on xbox
gta3 was on xbox

and gta4 was never said to be excluisive to the ps3

Death24942850d ago

Gta series usually releases first on the playstation2 platform and then arrives later on the xbox platform. Microsoft(you're partially right) didn't pay for it to go multiplatform, but they did pay for a simultaneous release. While all these games were also eventually released for xbox, they were available on playstation2 first.

doa7662851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

since it was released a year later and the gap in sales is smaller than the number of 360s sold before the PS3 was on the market

so in terms of sold units over time on the market:

1) Wii
2) PS3
3) 360

(this is fact, numbers don't lie)

but in any case I think it's pretty safe to say that for the time the new Xbox is launched in a few years the PS3 will have surpass the 360 in total sales even with the year head start

rlm422851d ago

Yeah mate and you forgot a lot of things too..

Which console had time for more advanced technology?

Cell Processor
Time to analyse the competing console/s

Yet the 360 still manages to hold off this PS3 all this time??? You have to give credit to Microsoft.

Rush2851d ago

You do know that's retard logic for people that refuse to except the PS3 is still in last place right?

1) if the PS3 had of launched the same time as the 360 it would of been lacking many features for instance bluray, and most likely have weaker hardware not giving it the graphical edge on the 360.

2) Microsoft reserved plenty of bad PR for launching an unreiable system to early, if they had of spend an extra year working on the 360 who knows what sort of console it would of been.

3) It's a massive case of coulda woulda, fact is the 360 launched first why Sony spent an extra year working on hardware. If they both launched at the same time both would be completely different consoles thus destroys the whole argument.

It's Wii>360>PS3 in terms of sales at the moment when people stop trying to spin that the world will be a better place.

Shadow Flare2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

"Which console had time for more advanced technology?

Cell Processor
Time to analyse the competing console/s

Yet the 360 still manages to hold off this PS3 all this time??? You have to give credit to Microsoft."

Or maybe it's cos the 360 has always been cheaper the the ps3. I doubt the wii would quite have the sales figures it does now if it launched at $600, and that too launched a year later and the tech is old. There's nothing to stop MS launching the 360 a year later and putting in a hd-DVD drive and making the console reliable.

The fact that ps3 has outsold 360 and closed the gap to less then 3 million, while launching a full year later (18 months later in Europe) and all the while being more expensive then the 360, THAT'S impressive

And doa is right. If you're giving 360 the grace of a full years additional sales, then you'd better give ps3 the same grace of a full extra year when it's still on the Market and 360 isn't. Fairs fair. And in that instance, ps3 smashes 360s sales. Thats how well the ps3 has been selling despite launching a year afterwards

Rush2851d ago

Difference is Sony couldn't of afforded to sell the PS3 at any less due to the huge manufacturing cost.

I could make a PC 7x more graphically capable then the PS3 doesn't mean crap if it costs 15x more and it not economically viable.

There's nothing impressive about making something insanely powerful that costs a shit load to make, Nintendo where making a profit on each console sold at 300USD at launch.

Sony where making a loss on each console sold at 600USD at launch nothing impressive about that.

Nice spin though.

rlm422851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

You wanna give the PS3 credit of a full years additional sales?

You remove the Blu-Ray and Cell processor and guess what the PS3 would have included without these.. or you incredibly higher the launch price of the console.. 360 would have sold being cheaper and Blu-Ray not ready and taking off yet.

Who knows what would have happened. You want to play a guessing game? That's really stupid :S

Jdoki2851d ago

Sales don't mean a whole lot.

It's profit and market share.

Neither Sony or Microsoft have been impressive when looking at profit. Nintendo blows them away.

Sony have lost a significant amount of market share, so MS and Nintendo are winners here.

The PS3 is a fantastic piece of kit, and although I own a Wii, 360 and PS3 I use the PS3 far more than the other two combined, so sales don't mean much (beyond ensuring the console gets developer support).

I think we've reached a tipping point where most devs have got a good handle on the PS3's quirks and we should see continued momentum as more AAA games come along and PS2 owners upgrade. So unless Kinect results in a significant amount of 360 consoles selling, the PS3 is going to pull in to 2nd place very soon.

Shadow Flare2851d ago

Rlm I said nothing about guessing, or what "could've been". I said 360 has a full years sales counted to it. So since ps3 launched a year after, and considering past playstations lifespans, it's likely ps3 will still be on the Market after 360. In that case, you add that extra year

Doa is quite right. If you align the launch times of both consoles, you can see which one is performing better. Because at ps3's 4 year marker, it vastly outsells 360 at it's respective 4 year marker point in it's life

And @ Rush, I'm not talking about the profit made by the console. I'm just saying how impressive it is that a more expensive console has caught up so fast to the 360. That is impressive. And ps3's are being sold at profit now

PS3 has been outperforming 360. That's all it comes down to.

moparful992851d ago

You are dismissing shadowflares comments as spin then try rationalize the cost of the ps3.. No matter how you look at the situation the fact that the ps3 launched 1 year later, with unproven tech, and a price tag clocking in at 600 dollars and still has managed to close the gap between it and the 360 is nothing short of astounding... I know you have your mind made up that its not impressive but it is.. If microsoft had done the same thing you would be declaring victory...

Death24942851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

By the time Wii and Ps3 launched, Microsoft had shipped 10 million consoles worldwide. Don't believe me then look it up. No surprise that the Wii overtook it since it was indeed cheaper. You also have to add in RROD. Back in early 2006 RROD wasn't covered under a warranty so you had to by another 360. Let's use a little common sense here people. Right now Microsoft has 20 million units in America alone yet Halo Reach has only sold around 4 million worldwide. Gran Turismo for playstation is like Halo for xbox.

TheBlackSmoke2851d ago

But your forgetting the fact that if they launched at the same time, PS3 would of sold more just on name recognition alone.

The reason 360 needed that gap was to be the first next gen console without any other choice.

drewboy7042851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

If u want to do this this way it isnt fair because you take out the early adopters. The best way to do this comparison is by using the first four years of each console. Ill save you the trouble and tell you the 360 is ahead of the ps3 and this way includes the ps3 slim boost and not the 360 slim boost. Data from npd and vgchartz. If you have another website you use let me see it. Also if the ps3 released in 2005 would it be ahead? No it would have cost a thousand dollars @ death2494 a lot of people buy an xbox to play cod with there friends but please fill me in as to why in one month reach out sold every ps3 exclusive and halo 3 in the long run more than doubled the leading exclusive on ps3. Also gt4 sold 1 copy for every 8 consoles that was out there. With that proportion gt5 will only sell 5 mill. However gt5 is a console seller so it could reach 7 max. Half the people with a ps3 arent gonna run out and and buy it for 3 reasons 1 they use it as a bluray player. 2 they play sport games like madden and the show 3 a large part of the fanbase play fps as evident by the top selling ps3 game(mw2).

RedDragan2851d ago

Sony didn't release late, the released the same time as the Wii.

But everyone accepts that the 360 was released early to get a headstart. The consequence was extremely poor build quality.

The only people trying to say different happen to be in this particular discussion. Microsoft is behind.

Shadow Flare2851d ago

"The best way to do this comparison is by using the first four years of each console. Ill save you the trouble and tell you the 360 is ahead of the ps3 and this way includes the ps3 slim boost and not the 360 slim boost. Data from npd and vgchartz."

You must only be talking about America because if you're talking about worldwide sales then that's a complete lie. If 360 has been outselling ps3 for 4 years, ps3 wouldn't have closed the gap from 8 million to 3 million. Think, yeah?

Also next time, provide a link before pulling crap out of your rear. Check this out, here are ps3 slim and 360 slim sales aligned, using a source you apparently referenced from:

It shows ps3 has sold more.