Eurogamer: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg Interview

Eurogamer: "What do you think when you hear the phrase Chief of Staff? A man with a steely gaze and sharp suit stalking through the corridors of the White House? Or a man in a crumpled check shirt talking about why his magic camera is better than a light-up ping pong ball?

If it's the latter you're probably thinking about Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Don't You Know. He's more informally known as Microsoft's mouthpiece, always on-hand to provide a smart and occasionally controversial soundbite."

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N4GAddict2700d ago

Kinect is priced too high for me

PandemicPrawn02700d ago

And me unfortunately.
I will look into getting one late next year.

N4GAddict2700d ago

A price drop would be great I don't see it happening for awhile

ryuzu2700d ago

I think you'll get one cheaper somewhere in mid-January if you still want one then. Probably be used, but not much by then of course....


Mcardle2700d ago

1.5 million in japan? Higher than i thought.

SephireX2700d ago Show
wat6342700d ago

Aaron Greenburg is a winrar again!

2700d ago
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