Will Blizzard ever develop a second MMO?

Since Blizzard's MMORPG based on its Warcraft fantasy universe has smashed right through the success barrier, the question has lingered whether World of Warcraft will be the first, and last, word on the genre from the developer.

Success usually breeds follow-ups but it's a different state of play with persistent-world games that could carry on indefinitely.

While WoW's popularity continues unabated the developer would be shooting itself in the foot with the release of a second MMO today. However, Blizzard always has one eye on the future.

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Marona3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I don't mind, as long as it's fun.

gods army3917d ago

heres my opinion, Blizzard makes the best MMO, and that is WOW, why should a company change, and move away from something they are experts at. I think it would be stupid. DUMB business plan if they did.

They should continue to develope the next WOW game, and to innovate that game type.

Same for Bungie, bungie makes great Sci Fi shooters, why should they ever deviate from that, they shouldnt limit halo universe.

THye should continue to expand they universe, because they have something, somehting truely special with halo universe, in the same way Blizzard makes WOW and MMOs

satori3916d ago

gods army* with that mindset the gaming world would be pretty blan. WoW in itself was something very new for Blizzard. It was their first MMO and they kicked some ass and took down some names with it. Blizzard is one hell of a company whom I owe a lot of gaming time to. From Diable 1 and 2, to my romp with SC, and the life leeching effect of WoW. You can be sure if they do make another MMO, they will make sure it is right before it is released.

I been playing WoW since it launch, and I can tell you that plenty of people are getting tired of it. Its been over 2 years. I am sure with the money they made from WoW, they can create another team to work on other games...And here is hope that they do just that. Come on Blizz give me Starcraft on-line! gogo

Lumbo3916d ago

atm a load of wow players simply wait for Warhammer to be released, cause WOW has gone stale, and i mean real stale. The game lacks any finesse, its a pure gear grind, better gear = teh win. The pvp system was broken from day 1 and has not been fixed to date, if it even could be fixed, i am not sure. Lotsa mmorpg with better pvp settings around, namely daoc and L2 which both feature some kind of castle siege play for much more catching pvp experiences.

I have been playing WOW since the closed beta, and the last addon kept me in for some additional time, but i am at the same point i was before BC now, only 6 month after its release.

As many others i wait for Warhammer, and if thats better i am off that wow ship

satori3916d ago

Hey Lumbo,

My guild is def feeling what you are feeling. Plenty of members have stop raiding, and WoW with out raiding = meh, well to me at least. Hmm, I am beta testing Tabula Rasa right now. For the most part its fun, and it help pass the time. Give it a shot, will give ya something to do while you wait for warhammer :P