Sony Raises Full-Year Profit Forecast, Citing Demand for Games, Computers

Bloomberg - Sony Corp., Japan’s biggest exporter of consumer electronics, raised its full-year profit forecast 17 percent, citing improved earnings at its games and personal- computer businesses.

Net income in the year ending March 31 will be 70 billion yen ($868 million), compared with a previous projection of 60 billion yen, Sony said in a statement in Tokyo today.

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Cyrus3652818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Sony Sold 3.5 PS3 worldwide.... 360 announced 2.8...

Looks like Ps3 still stomping on 360! ;)

Based on sony's Shipped numbers, and microsoft shipped numbers, this to date:

So this takes the shipped numbers difference between PS3 and 360 to almost 3 Million. (44.5 - 41.5). With 360 head start.

LordMarius2818d ago

The USA /= world, and these numbers show

NewsForMe2818d ago

Really? This is what made you realize that?

LordMarius2818d ago

I known all along, its just a reminder for those that take NPD's numbers as the only ones that matter

N4GAddict2818d ago

Europe needs their own NPD

sikbeta2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


Tell that to MS, in Japan x360 manage to sell roughly 2k per week....

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otacon682818d ago

I thought 360 outsold PS3 WW since slim 360 came out by checking vgchartz from time to time..
I guess they were wrong...

gigaware2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

VGC claims they do what NPD does which is track units sold to consumers and not report how many consoles companies sold to retailers warehouses. Consoles shipped depends on demand, how many are still on shelves and how many a company can make.

otacon682818d ago

So there were less 360 sold to retailers but more to consumers according to official and vg numbers?
Shouldnt the number of ps3s and 360 waiting to be sold be roughly same?

ryuzu2818d ago

360 was at around 6 million at the PS3 launch.

Now it's less than 3 so I guess MS has taken that one year market advantage and turned it into < 6 months...

Either way, well done Sony for doing good business during a deep recessionary period.

Now, about that GT5 release date.....


GTmonster2818d ago

The deficit in the US is easily made up elsewhere. PS3 just need a price drop. Most of these sites like VGchartz cant report many countries Just US, EU, Japan.

Looking at sales is useless.

Lovable2818d ago

Well done, well done. At the very least, it seems both companies did very well.

im-12-years-old2818d ago


sweet smell of a neutral comment thankyou :)

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