Sony confirms internal depletion of 60GB PS3 supply

Sony elaborated on previous comments made about the 60GB PS3 inventory stock on Wednesday, confirming that only retail supply of the 499$ machine remains and suggesting that the expected 80Gb price drop is imminent.

"We no longer have any inventory in SCEA warehouse. All inventory has been purchased and shipped to retailers" Karraker said.

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Loudninja4102d ago

We all know they will drop the price of the 80gig.I emna who really thought they would not?

MK_Red4102d ago

Well, they did say that they won't make anymore 60Gb versions but it was fast.

drtysouf214102d ago

At that point, Sony alluded that they may also reduce the price of the $599 80GB PS3 to $499 as many analyst expect.

"We won't be making any further announcements regarding our PS3 model hardware strategy in North America until the 60GB model is exhausted and market conditions are evaluated," the company said at the time.

emaddox844102d ago

I agree, it would be dumb for them not to do so.

gunnerforlife4102d ago

oh well as long as they drob the prise of the 80 gig thats kl with me

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