Nintendo just unveiled the next public 3DS playable event

"PGN has the date and location of Satoru Iwata's next plans for the 3DS. Find out when and where it'll be playable by the public.

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allysaurus872819d ago

To bad it's nowhere near me. I can't wait to play or myself!

ManfredLamchop2819d ago

dude this is badass.
3ds is too hard to show off the true effects cuz of the 3d. could nintendo show it off if people had 3d glasses and working 3d televisions or still no?

Theonik2818d ago

Youtube actually supports 3D. Hopefully NoA or NoE will upload direct feed 3D trailers when the EU/US releases are close.

WiiRemotes22819d ago

Anyone who plays with a 3DS before it comes out is sooo damn lucky. I'm jealous! =( This is the first 8th generation videogame system we're talking about people. It doesn't matter console or handheld it's the future and getting to play the future early is tight!

halojane92819d ago

Japan gets everything first....

DonkeyKingKong332819d ago

Everyone going crazy over 3DS? No surprise there! This will be a beast just watch...

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The story is too old to be commented.