Fallout New Vegas gets over 200 fixes

Bethesda reveal that they have put over 200 fixes into patches for Fallout: New Vegas so far

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darkequitus2765d ago

200 fixes? Good grief! I know games have bugs in the high thousands through development, but still. This is why I always waited a few months before playing the S.T.L.K.E.R games. They were always bug fests. And they broke your gamesaves too.

The Wood2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

is the western media trying to back up this western devs are catching up/on par/better than eastern devs malarkey that they review their games with kid gloves. You better believe that if this game was made from an eastern dev it would of got slaughtered. This gen has highlighted too much double standards and inconsistencies its sickening.

TreMillz2765d ago

thats alot of bug spray!

Figboy2765d ago

we all know it's over 9000.

BeOneWithTheGun2764d ago

Think about it. You have to test a game to see if the person went to these 35 ares in a specific order and used these 150 weapons in a certain row then killed 145 enemies in a specific order before entering the cave that caused the game to freeze.

There are literally millions of possible coding issues that could come up. Everyone plays the game different. Trying to test for each specific order that each part of the game was/is played in is immpossible.

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saint_john_paul_ii2765d ago

Patchout: New Patches

Prepare for the Future...of Patching...

NYC_Gamer2765d ago

they should have used a new engine

Motorola2765d ago

They should have fixed the old patches, cut the price by 10 dollars, make you able to download via XBL or PSN as well....

budbundystyles2765d ago

Cause that file wouldn't be humongous...

Optical_Matrix2765d ago

Alternatively, you could have just delayed the game so that it was pretty much bug free at launch. Just saying

LightofDarkness2765d ago

But think of the profits, man.

Yeah, QA these days is a joke.
Exec: "Does it crash?"
Eng: "Yeah, like 2 or 3 different major ones. And that's just at start-up."
Exec: "Ok, but is the game broken?"
Eng: "Autosave can break sometimes, and the AI can spazz out and make quests unfinishable, essentially breaking the game."
Exec: "Wow, look at these pre-order numbers. So the game's basically gold, right?"
Eng: "Well, n..."
Exec: "Patches, nerdlinger. Get it in boxes and ship it out. You can fix whatever stupid little problems there are later, my Hawaiian vacation isn't going to pay for itself."
Eng: *facepalm*

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