Final HUD of Gran Turismo 5

Thanks to the recent release of the X1 prototype trailer and thanks to solidsnakex at neogaf, you can see the new and final build HUD or heads-up display that Gran Turismo 5 will have during gameplay and to tell the truth the new HUD is the best of all the series.

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Bobbykotickrulesz2823d ago

A badass new HUD?! Awesome! Now how about a damn release date?

yewles12823d ago

I'd love to see your reaction if this gets cancelled (most likely a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing scenario)... XD

JackBNimble2823d ago

If what get's cancelled, GT5?'re nut's if that's what you're suggesting.

jneul2823d ago

it's not going to happen dream on....

Hideo_Kojima2823d ago

Trust me... you wouldn't want to see my reaction.

Hanif-8762823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

So your telling me that Polyphony Digital would just throw away over 60 million dollars that was used to develop GT5 and not finish what they started? So just judging from your comment which seems indicate that your really smart /s

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Chuk_Chuk2823d ago

there a new display thing on the first picture. Bottom left of the screen the one on the far left. It wasn'rt in GT5P anyone know what it could be?

Dnied2823d ago

Was wondering the same thing...

SoSLy2823d ago

my guess is car damages and such

btk2823d ago

Not interested in any more previews and videos. Release the thing already. Pre-ordered my copy already.

stevenhiggster2823d ago

I pre ordered it about 2 years ago!

shazui1232823d ago

Nope, it's confirmed for before xmas

ForNgoods2823d ago

This new HUD sucks... where the hell is the rear view in bumper cam mode?? Seems kinda important to me.

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