OXCGN’s Monster Fallout: New Vegas Review: Post-Apocalypse Now!


"n my Medal of Honor review recently, I pointed out how we’re seeing a myriad of reboots lately. Well, in 2008, a reboot of some significance was released, and it was called Fallout 3.

Never in my life have I seen more people pick up a title and not realize that there was a number on the end of it, denoting the fact that it was not a new series or IP.

Most of the audience who partook in Fallout 3 had never heard of the series before, essentially leading Bethesda to establish a massive new player base. And since each iteration in the Fallout series is its own unique story, the game might as well have been called The Fallout Reboot (or even just Fallout, as with the current trend)."

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gaminoz2849d ago

Obsidian did this? After Alpha Protocol I didn't think they'd be able to do it. I mean how do you screw up a spy RPG? The locations weren't nearly as exotic as they should have been...and the gameplay...

Glad they bounced back with this one though.

Proeliator2848d ago

Indeed they did. I have feeling this may be their one-hit-wonder though, ha. Don't expect this good streak to continue. They're still Obsidian :P

BadCircuit2849d ago

I haven't played Fallout but this expansion sounds great and it is good to see that this is an expansion that is different to the main storyline.

XboxOZ3602848d ago

It's not an 'expansion per-see, but a stand-alone game running from the earlier one, with a completely different story-arc and also has a different RPG manner to it. Having played a little of it so far, it's something that could take up a considerable amount of time if you wanted to really get into it.

Some gamers are into the 'quick-fix' style of gaming these days, so it's a 50/50 chance for a dev/publisher to put a lengthy RPG out, especially a Western based one.

If it was a JRPG, it could be rubbish, and it would sell.

Godem2848d ago

I just want Elder Scrolls 5 :(

gaminoz2848d ago

Yes please, as long as it isn't an MMO!

Belgavion2848d ago

The Hoover Dam does look pretty cool

Proeliator2848d ago

It really is interesting how it was incorporated into the story and game, whereas most of the American monuments in Fallout 3 were empty buildings with no purpose.

XboxOZ3602848d ago

I went through the Hoover Dam after E3 this year, that place is enormous, and the bypass was not finished then, so there was 3-4 miles of single line traffic jam for almost an hour in 40 deg heat (110 deg), pheewwww.

But it did look great.