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Submitted by BornToKill 1931d ago | article

Japan Hated The Xbox Before It Was Even Out

The Xbox never caught on in Japan. The 360 is having problems, too. Ever wonder why? There are any number of reasons why Japan won't embrace the console now, but let's go back to the very beginning. (Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

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stonecold3  +   1933d ago
sony nintendo
will always dominate there in japan m$ has got no chance to even outsell sony or nintendo there its going to be the same for kinect
Masamori Sumimura  +   1933d ago
how can Kinect outsell a whole brand?
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ComboBreaker  +   1932d ago
There's only 1 reason.
Japanese prefer devices that don't RRoD.
Millah  +   1931d ago
Japanese people are smart, thats why.

Actually, Japanese are very brand loyal, and have a completely different culture when it comes to gaming. Sometimes its hard for foreign brands to compete in Japan.
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Cold 2000  +   1931d ago
Thats a curious reason considering the original xbox was more reliable than the PS2 back in the day and the 360 now but still flopped.

The people who agreed with you were either born after the 360 launched or have an IQ level of 32. I'd go for the latter.
Vojkan  +   1931d ago
Xbox 1 had no chance in Japan, come on now it had no game, all best games were on PS2, well know brand and sequel to the most popular console of all time. And here comes some western white dude and thinks Japanese should be all over this s..t just cuz he is from USA? hell no!
Sure they did better job with 360 but again not enough. After releasing two JRPGs, they pulled the plug. WTF?!
Eamon  +   1931d ago
Here come the kids who all think they are professional economists and sociologists!
Theonik  +   1931d ago
Well for one the Original Xbox was huge. One of the reasons it was hated in Japan was that. after that the PS2 had a much better library especially in Japan. Not to mention they were at the disadvantage of being "The new kid" and being built around a completely different target audience.
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skip2mylou  +   1931d ago
@cold2000 wow you re really delusional even back then the original xbox wasnt reliable it would freeze up randomly when i would try playing games, one or two days in the week it would freeze on me and i had to to a reset on it.
XabiTheHumble  +   1931d ago
Actually thats uncertain, the only reason why more reports of broken PS2s were present was because it sold a hell of a lot more than the original xbox
FanboyPunisher  +   1931d ago
Wrong if they hated it before it came out,...
They just buy products withing Asian culture, they support their own continent.

Asia = Smart
N.A = Stupid

New world leaders in tech/money/world power..

Asia, because they = smart.
davidmccue  +   1931d ago
Why do the articles from the bigger name websites get pushed through the front page quite a few times, saw this article a day ago. Think some back handers are going on if you ask me. :(
No Way  +   1931d ago
@Kenrocc_42 -
That is true. But, there were many PS2 to fail, of numerous different reasons
I had 3 PS2's break on me. But, I'm glad my PS3 is still running strong.

Sony fixed a lot of issues from the PS2. That's good.
And, next generation, I'm sure Microsoft will do the same.
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morganfell  +   1931d ago
Just what we need, more 360 apologists from Kotaku.
Sarcasm  +   1931d ago
Japan doesn't hate the Xbox, they just aren't going to buy it.
ShinMaster  +   1931d ago
Xbox is the third wheel in gaming!
That's why.

K, but in all seriousness though, it's all about the games. And I guess most Xbox games don't appeal to most Japanese people.
Fan Tastic  +   1931d ago
And yet some racists americans still love the xbox simply because it is US versus japanese.. Doesn't really matter that the nintendo and playstation are vastly superior, they are from japan.
iMaddy  +   1931d ago
I think they just still upset on Americans for atomic bombing back in 1945.

After that all Japans capital became Americal capital.
Japan not allowed to have an army. Only small SDF (SelfDefenceForces).

If i would Japan i would like to hate Americans too.

On the other hand Americans just get the best they could from all over the world for their dollar they print from usuall paper.

Just think about..America as a whole country buy goods from all over the world just for usual paper called dollar. they can print on that paper $ sing and paper became a dollar. but for them that is still a paper they can print in amount they need. uncontrolled amount.

All world is in American hidden form of slavery while dollar is an only world currency.
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elmaton98  +   1931d ago
@ cold 2000
The ps2 was more reliable than the 1st xbox even I keep my ps2 after 6 years and my first xbox died after a couple months that why we prefer the PS3 now than the 360 why because we know that the PS3 has a longer life than a 360 ( my first 360 died after 6 months and it was an elite 120 g )
Sony360  +   1931d ago
They weren't smart enough to buy the most powerful console at the time though, were they?
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1930d ago
Now Kotaku is bad mouthing the Japanese people in general...way to go Kraptaku!
Now they are blaming and making the Japanese people look bad? Kraptaku are such ungrateful dead bastridges!
Why don't you retarded folks just say "Xbox had no appeal!" or "Xbox is obviously a second rate , trying hard, unreliable, copy cat of the PlayStation"

Ever since the Japanese has been using safe, efficient, economical and state-of-the-art hardware post World War II and you expect them to buy a defective POS? The Japs knows best when it comes to quality. I don't know about most Americans but even up to now I am baffled why many put up with M$ hardware.

The reason why Xbox still sells in that region is for Asian retailers to sell them modified after. That has been the practice there since the Famicom.
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Rush  +   1930d ago
Here we go again...

Only on N4G a site for complete and utter retards would people get more agrees for completely racist remarks like Asia = smart, NA = Stupid.

Most of the user base on this site = retarded fact.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1930d ago
Off Topic
The Japanese are really smart...
Or is it spot On Topic?
AAACE5  +   1930d ago
It's always a sign of ignorance to hate something before you know anything about it!

I used to hate the Ps1 and chose to stick with Nintendo 64. I realized it was stupid to hate something without giving it a try. Soon after, I realized Ps1 was a good thing. I became a fan since then. The Ps2 was the best. I spent tons of hours playing Ps2 games.

Since then, I have tried to make it a habit to own all available consoles, because they all offer something different!

Life is about experience.... Why the hell should I limit my experience by owning 1 console and being loyal to a company who doesn't give a sh*t about me, when all they want is my money anyway!
JUDALATION  +   1933d ago
XBOX will never outsell the PS3 IN JAPAN... EVER!
The PS3 has the best single player games and is free online. The Japanese market does not like online shooters and the games they play are different from what Xbox makes... zenogears and pokemon are big and are not on the 360... Why would a japanese person buy an American car or Xbox when their cars and the ps3 has better overall features compared to their needs? a FREE BROWSER AND FREE ONLINE HD BLUE RAY PLAYER WITH THE BEST GAMES PLUS A COOL COMPANY THAT DOES NOT BULLY THE COMPETITION VS THE XBOX WITH NO WI FI BLUERAY AND BROWSER AND ONLY FPS.... the real question is why the Hell the XBOX HAS SUCH A huge lead OVER ps3 IN THE US??? there is no real reason except price, but since xbox cost 60 bucks a year even that does not make sence.
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Masamori Sumimura  +   1933d ago
You just answered your own question. You asked why would a Japanese person buy a Xbox if there's no games that appealed to them? Why do you think people in america love the xbox so much then ? because there's games that appeal to them. just like you stated japanese people love XenoSaga,Pokemon and other stuff and dont love shooters . here in america they love Halo , Call of duty gears and have a big love for shooting stuff. lol

it's all about appeal.
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Denethor_II  +   1931d ago
Masamori Sumimura
"here in america they love Halo"

The internet is not America, with a capital A, it's cyber space, just saying;)
maxcer   1931d ago | Offensive
No Way  +   1931d ago
That's not all true. The 360 had many of many JRPGs this gen.
Now, and even before the PS3 was released, and they still didn't buy it.
shoddy  +   1931d ago
Not all japan hate xbox.
Square love
drewboy704  +   1931d ago
No Wifi? My xbox has it built in. Only FPS? I like Forza and Gears which is third person in case you've never seen it. Also Pokemon isn't on the PS3 so why would you bring that up when you are having an xbox/ps debate with yourself?
ShinMaster  +   1931d ago
Gears, Halo, Multiplatform FPS games.... REPEAT.
It's the endless Xbox cycle of games for fans.
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Armyntt  +   1931d ago
Shinogino, and your point. Hows that any different then the 14 pokemon games in japan every year.
baodeus  +   1931d ago
while i agree, but never say never. I couldn't believe that Japan embrace iphone. Very unlikely, but just don't say never just in case.
gigaware  +   1931d ago
Kinect is almost here can you tell?
drewboy704  +   1931d ago
All the talk about sales and increased PS3 Trolling whenever a comparison article comes around gives it away.
iamtehpwn  +   1931d ago
The real reason is brand
Japanese trust Japanese brands and companies before they trust American ones; You can attribute this to Japan's bit of xenophobia if you like, but really Xbox not being from a Japanese country is what hurts it the most.
Kingmitch23  +   1931d ago
What about apple then?
ShinMaster  +   1931d ago
Apple is not exactly a major gaming company.
In terms of consoles and gaming systems, Xbox is the third wheel and it will take a lot to replace either Nintendo or Sony. And that won't be happening any time soon with the games Microsoft releases.
evrfighter  +   1931d ago
"What about apple then? "

what about it? the walkman of our day and age is a tiny shadow of its former self.

the Iphone....well I guess Japanese aren't as smart as all you weaboos make them out to be.
elmaton98  +   1931d ago
@ iamthepwn
Who doesn't hate the US the whole of Asia does Europe does and the rest of the world that why whatever comes from America doesn't sell well in the world because is always defective ( why do you think people prefer Europe cars rather than American )
Eu  +   1931d ago
@Cold 2000
People who compares the failure rats of the first 3 years od the X360 with the problems PS2 had for ONE YEAR is something I dont have words to describe....

By the way, my LAUNCH PS2 is still kicking, and my cousins play the Fifa games whenever they come to my place (I dont let them touch my PS3, 14 year olds are way too clumsy)

Besides the wrong approach MS had with the first Xbox, their new one with X360 wasnt as happy. Heck, even when they bough some exclusives trying to please the japanese market it backfired on the 3rd parties that did it.
The perception the japanese gaming market have of the MS consoles are not good, and with the X360 absurd failure rate, the third iteration wont sell well either.
elmaton98  +   1931d ago
Ha that why the 360 is falling in 3rd place why because is a failure and I have one but I don't use it anymore
mookuns  +   1931d ago
With the Japanese, it's quality over quantity.
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mint royale  +   1931d ago
Yeah the wii really is kicking ass.
chidori soukou  +   1931d ago
Face it microsoft cant win in Japan. If Xbox360 came out when the original Xbox did, PS2 would still out sell xbox360. Thats how pathetic they are, Microsoft has no chance in Japan..
Ravage27  +   1931d ago
the Japanese probably viewed the 360 as nothing more than a major annoyance. M$ and their f-ing pathetic timed exclusive deals definitely left a sour taste in fans from both camps.

StarOcean 4 and ToV are games from popular series with long traditions and would be developed with or without M$ funding. The net effect of these deals merely prevented PS3 owners from playing them instead of letting them go multiplatform. And when the deal ends, the superior versions will end up on the PS3, leaving the 360 japanese owners wondering why on earth did they buy that useless box for.

M$ next box will definitely bomba in Japan again after all the ill will their dick moves have generated.
zeddy  +   1931d ago
theres no metal gear solid 4 or last guardian for the 360 thats why it fails in japan.
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1931d ago
But...but Apple seems to be doing just find in Japan so why can't MS???
vhero  +   1930d ago
Forget the article from this biased website that is one lovely picture :)
Hanif-876  +   1930d ago
Its the same in the US because when i go out to GameStop they'll do everything in the world to try to convince you not to buy a PS3. Trust me when i say this! I think HipHopGamer did a thing on this too.
Darth_Bane79  +   1930d ago
I remember I went to buy a game there once and they put the 360 version in my bag, I caught it and told him that I said I wanted the PS3 version, and the clerk gave me a funny look. Then next to me another clerk was hustling another costumer into pre-ordering Kinect (which back then it was till called Natal) and telling him all sorts of fantastic stories about all the amazing things the device would allow him to do. I just left the store disgusted and never bought a game there again. Online or Best Buy for me.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1930d ago
there was no need for XBOX
PS2 was out.
MURKERR  +   1933d ago
japanese are more clued on about electronics than any other place in the world
If you ever have the chance to go you will be astonished at how many years they are ahead of us in electronics.hype will not do it like in USA or the UK that is why ms are failing miserably over there. susbstance behind is the hype is needed like wii with its then revolutionary motion controls,ds with its touch screen,ps3 with bluray...360 offered nothing new hardware wise that wasnt already done on the ps2. .Dvd,wireless control pads etc

Kinect is there last chance over there, i know im going to get disagrees but i see kinect selling over there maybe just at initial launch but i do it selling at first. ....Depends if they just view it as another eye toy though its 50/50
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Masamori Sumimura  +   1933d ago
That's not really it. I'm pretty sure japanese people arent interested in Xbox360 in it's current state because there's nothing worth playing on it to them. The lack of Rpg's,platformers on the console is the obvious problem. The xbox brand is still brand new aswell it will take time for them to pick up where Nintendo and sony always ruled. They'll most probably never be as big as sony and nintendo in japan because those two have a longer history in the gaming industry.
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Denethor_II  +   1931d ago
"The xbox brand is still brand new aswell"

Well, no. That's no excuse. The Xbox brand is only a generation behind the playstaion brand. The problem is that Americans like to shoot and kill things, which, lets face it, takes no logic, fore thought or intelligence to accomplish, and thier games encompass this. Whereas the Playstation brand embraces everything gaming has to offer, which is why I love it.
ShinMaster  +   1931d ago
It's because the Xbox is the third wheel in gaming.
hennessey86  +   1931d ago
where Nintendo and sony always ruled.
In the grand scheme of things sony is still newcomer. gamings been around for allot longer than the playstation. nintendo will always rule in japan,
Tsalagi  +   1930d ago
"The problem is that Americans like to shoot and kill things, which, lets face it, takes no logic, fore thought or intelligence to accomplish, and thier games encompass this."

Yeah, because i never shot anything on a Playstation console before. Twisted Metal, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, or Doom never existed.

Also, i see by your name you are from the UK. Care to guess what the two top selling games there are this month? Fallout New Vegas and Medal of Honor, you know, shooters.

By the way, I am a PS3 only owner so you can save the Xbox fanboy crap.
kaveti6616  +   1933d ago
by your logic the ps3 also doesn't offer much that the ps2 doesn't have. it boils down to different tastes. look how well iphones do in japan. they're inferior to droid phones in just about every way, but iphones sell more in japan because of the style. the japanese aren't any smarter than the americans.

people in general are all just about the same. there are no "smarter" people or "more advanced" cultures. It is ethnocentrism that makes us believe that they are.

And there are some things about Western Culture that the Japanese love. They love the Christmas traditions and they love dressing up as bikers with slicked back hair, like James Dean.

They don't like Xbox because it doesn't appeal to them. That is it.
Masamori Sumimura  +   1933d ago
I have to agree. Alot of people have used the argument that japanese love ipods which mean they dont hate america etc etc. Appele's Ipod/Iphones is a very Big brand and people will buy it for the name and style without exactly knowing the hardware capabilities . I could name a list of better Phones , MP3 players that people probably never thought of buying just because it's not ''IN''. There's tons of stuff that sells specifically based on Popularity. Just look how well the xbox is doing here in america. It's safe to assume that the xbox brand is a popular one here in the West and that it's less popular in the West. It'S all about Appealing to a market. If you Offer a variety a games that dont appeal to a a certain market you wont find any consumers for it. Nintendo and japan both had the advantage of being created 1st in japan people over there have grown with these brands. Microsoft never had that chance and will mostly never be as popular in japan. Nintendo and Sony always offered stuff that appealed to both West and Eastern Markets which is why they are popular in both areas.
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MURKERR  +   1933d ago
@kaviet...did ps2 have bluray,HDMI,7.1,blutooth,etc?
Hardware wise which i stated in my comment ps3 was different from ps2,wii was different from gamecube, was the 360 from the original xbox?

Ive been japan many times believe it or not hip hop is absolutley huge there are b-boys everywhere,american artists are huge over there japan have embraced american culture and really enjoy it.360 'was' a poorly built machine suffering from rrod and no amount of rpgs could mask that fact.

Where did i say the japanese were smarter please point it out? Seems i touched a personal nerve,As for there are no 'advanced cultures' are you not more advanced than the tribes living in the rainforests?did i state the japanese are telekinetic? No but the japanese are advanced in technology and your comment suggests you have never been there so how can you make such a bold comment? Thats called ignorance,Even down to camera phones japanese had them years before any of us, they have been watching tv on their phones for years, actual androids are not an uncommon site in japan.have a look at most of the electronic devices you have and read where they came from or where they are made, So yes they are way advanced in technology like it or not
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Ron Jeremy  +   1933d ago
wat murk said
Next time kaviet think before you type
Kimbo Slice  +   1933d ago
kaviet how is offering a new optical medium a 'little' different
You are a tool
kaveti6616  +   1932d ago
You guys will base all of your bullshit claims off of one feature.

The 360 is different from the original Xbox in many ways as well. It is has various upgrades. Just because it still uses the DVD9 you guys are saying it's not different?

How stupid are you fanboys?

The problem with me is that I DO think before I type. Unfortunately, this is not the place for thinkers. Right now, it's all PS3 fanboys. If I say something that isn't highly critical of the 360 or highly flattering of the PS3 I get morons like you guys replying with the same sheep-like logic.

You guys might as well use the Chewbacca defense against me. It's more valid than anything you've said so far.
TheOldOne  +   1931d ago
@ kaveti
you said: "ps3 doesnt offer much that the ps2 doesnt have" and
"I DO think before I type"

wow the most retarded comments I hav read this week.

Seriously WTF are you smoking!!??
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Millah  +   1931d ago
Kaveti, could you possibly be any more ignorant?
lowcarb  +   1931d ago
There's no reasoning with these silly multi account trolls. What you said was spot on and does not need to be explained.

"Its funny how on N4G the person with the least amount bubbles always calls others fanboys"

What's funny is someone with a brain obviously smaller than godzilla has so many bubbles. It's sickening to come across posts like yours which I swear sound like 3 or 4 known PS3 trolls on this site.
HDgamer  +   1931d ago
Meh Lowcarb you can't be more further from the truth than Mike tyson in prison. Ps3 is nowhere near like the ps2, the xbox 360 only is an 1.5 upgrade of the original xbox. Gimped games, multiplatforms, very little exclusives, horrible Square enix rpg's. Why risk your money on a failed product?
visualb  +   1931d ago
ps3 also doesn't offer much that the ps2 doesn't have.

Related image(s)
MURKERR  +   1932d ago
@kaviet your right 360 Was different from the original xbox,xbox 1 had a harddrive in EVERY console
Its funny how on N4G the person with the least amount bubbles always calls others fanboys....also i see disagreeing with you causes you to namecall because you seem to lack the intelligence to reply in an adult manner whilst stating your points.

now your talking about updates when i CLEARLY said hardware wise? Your sinking, now to prove my point on my original comment ps2,original 360 an xbox are all similar.....

lack of HDMI
Wireless battery operated controllers can be bought for all
slide out dvd tray
lack of sensitivd touch buttons
ps2/360..hardrive optional

i think you can get my point, DOESNT mean its a bad thing its just my OPINION on things as i go to japan alot,im not saying its law or im right but its just my opinion,we all have one.oh and a little advice kaviet stating facts in an adult manner good or bad doesnt make a person a fanboy or mean they are bashing a product ALL products have their flaws and you have certainly showed yours.....
#2.3 (Edited 1932d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
k2d  +   1931d ago
It's a console for freaking 1. person shooters - or so is the general impression in Japan, and japanese gamers aren't into fps'.
vhero  +   1930d ago
It will sell well at first every accessory with the right advertising does even the eye toy did which sold a few million to be fair but never took off.
jack who   1933d ago | Offensive
NoBUDI  +   1933d ago
2 words
Flashbacks. Hiroshima.
Payback's a beast
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1931d ago
lmao. this is so wrong but its funny. :D
Dirk Benedict  +   1931d ago
and yet here we are, with the yen strong against the dollar. leave the past alone for it does nothing but hold you back from the present.
Urahara  +   1933d ago
It wasn't a japanese product thus they hated it. Don't really need an article to explain that one.
Sigh  +   1932d ago
If that's true, then why is Apple so popular over there?
MorganX  +   1931d ago
Because Japanese prefer flip phones to smartphones. Flip phones dominate. iPhone is big with smartphone users but that's a small part of the market. Not like America. Becuase flip phones are so dominant, that's what most japanese phone suppliers provide.

There are 3 major console makers, 2 Japanese, 1 American. They don't buy the American console. The few that are bought are absolutely negligible. Do you really think the Japanese are going to go out and buy tons of American Xboxes when there are 3 major players in the world and 2 are Japanese. Please.

I'm not sure it really matters at this point. Xbox doesn't need Japan, America (and its allies) can sustain it, but it would be nice. Who would turn away sales. Japanese do have wierd tastes, from shark fin soup, to, well, visit their red light district yourself. But to pretend there isn't Nationalism at work is naive.
#5.1.1 (Edited 1931d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(10) | Report
ShinMaster  +   1931d ago
The Xbox is the third wheel.
HDgamer  +   1931d ago
Japanese know a good product, it's basically like Sony.
Vegeta9000  +   1931d ago
There are lots of popular American products that Japan uses.
The reason they don't use something isn't because it's American. The reason they hate stuff like the Xbox is because it's not a quality product and the competition offers something much better.
theafroman  +   1931d ago
japan hates anything thats not from japan their a bit close minded
soundslike  +   1931d ago
disagree all you want people you know its true. and he said "a bit" not "utterly and completely xenophobic cuntrags" lol
TheGreenMan  +   1931d ago
Do us a favor
And read some of the above posts. Actually, let me just break it down for you simpletons, so you can understand.

Apple = kills in Japan
Apple = American company, if you're still following me, that means Japan does not only buy Japanese products. The exception is the rule.

It's okay though, you can keep making excuses as to why the Xbox brand doesn't do well. I personally think it was the failure rating when the 360 came that killed it. The original Xbox didn't really stand a chance against the PS2, due to it's massive install base. Then, when MS released the 360 it had an enormous failure rate. I personally wouldn't buy a toaster that failed as much as the 360 did; let alone a $400 gaming system (which was the price at the time). Apparently much of Japan felt the same way.
Jazz4108  +   1930d ago
Its easy to understand. There are three players in gaming and two are japanese. We are talking about japan. Of course they are going to be loyal to there own first. Same with xamerica but america is more open to buying what is popular then brand loyality...
The Lazy One  +   1930d ago
Apple does decent in japan. it doesn't kill in japan.

It has like 70% of the smartphone market, but that's only 4% of the whole phone market there.


It's been true for years. Look at car sales there if you don't believe it.
plb  +   1931d ago
The only people who likely buy xbox 360 in Japan are those stuck on an American military base. I was stuck on one for 6 months there so I should know.
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Allowen  +   1931d ago
I talked with friends many times about this matter :
What Microsoft should do to have better console salles in Japan.

We think that Microsoft should try to buy or team up with a big japonese company such as Sega.

Imagine Sega's games only coming to an Xbox console .This way M$ could do hell better and gain a lot more respect in Japan.
256bit  +   1931d ago
it was called the DREAMCAST
HuGi  +   1931d ago
Lets see in some years now what
people will be talking here about japan... i love how this guys predict the future haha
boing  +   1931d ago
Japanese buy Japanese only products
Motorola  +   1931d ago
I think its because of the technology. Each PS console introduced something new. CD games, DVD games and hard drive in PS2 of 40 GB, and Blu ray games and HDMI in every PS3 console. They are more recent and advanced. Xbox 360 was out before blu ray and HDMI took off. MS made up for the lack of blu ray with HDMI and introduced great Wifi internally on the slim, which is a start. If Microsoft release the next gen console first again, then the same situation as now will probably happen
xg-ei8ht  +   1931d ago
I don't hate america, i'm from the uk and what sells most in the UK is 360, but that is starting to change alittle here.

But i don't like crap hardware, case in point phillips. I would never buy their tv's, because they are poorly made, known so many people have them fail and fail again, different models as well.

Samsung and lg, big little brother:) has always been excellent.

On the Subject of phones, Nothing touches HTC.

My point, if hardware is poor, no buy. If software isn't upto scratch, no buy.

PS3 software range is better for me, and i remmeber old titles that i enjoy on the PS1.
#12 (Edited 1931d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
j-blaze  +   1931d ago
why ? its simple ...
because japan hates america haha poor americans ...
mortalrage  +   1931d ago
This is true, my brother-in-law lives over there, and has said the same thing.
UP  +   1931d ago
I do not think they hate America they like apple products and love American culture have you ever played the Mother/ Earthbound games? And they freaking love baseball.
Tito08  +   1931d ago
Japan won 2 of the World Baseball Classics in a row
GigaGaia  +   1931d ago
Would be even funnier if there was a 4 in the name, 4 represent death. The PS4 will have a 4 in it, but japan won't care since Sony make superior consoles then Microsoft.
#14 (Edited 1931d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
IHateYouFanboys  +   1931d ago
like ive said many times, the japanese are fiercely loyal when it comes to technology products. if theres a choice of american and japanese, they buy japanese. its just how their culture is. i mean, until recently Capcom wouldnt even let any of their devs that werent Japan based use their 'best' video game engine. that says a lot for how they work.

the thing is, Microsoft doesnt need to sell xboxs in japan. japan makes up for a very small amount of console sales in the lifetime of a console. and hey, microsoft are still beating sony after 4 years of competing sales, and thats with only selling a dozen 360s a week in japan.

and like ive said before, the video game world is leaving Japanese developers behind. the video game market is swinging towards Western style games, and the quirky/weird japanese games are getting left behind. Final Fantasy used to be the biggest name in video games, now its been reduced to rubbish because Japanese developers wont move with the times. as sales of the top selling games show, video game players want games like Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Rock Band, etc.

all it boils down to is that basically ANY consoles microsoft sell in japan are a bonus to Microsoft. they expect no sales, so getting a few thousand every month is better than they were expecting.
guzman  +   1931d ago
@Ihateyoufanboys: Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario bros, Wiifit, any mainline Pokemon title, Smash bros. Brawl, Brain Training, good thing these "western games" are the top sellers of this gen. Seriously, if ignoring Nintendo's sales this gen helps you sleep better at night, than more power to ya kiddo.
#15.1 (Edited 1931d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jc48573  +   1931d ago
tbh, you have no idea how superstitious "people" can be.
MorganX  +   1931d ago
Anyone who knows the history of WWII and why we dropped 2 nukes when the war was basically already lost for Japan know how "superstitious" and cultural they can be.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1931d ago
Sure...they hated. But now they have a 360 and a white PS3 and every freakin household.
soundslike  +   1931d ago
It's because...
their hands are too small for the OG xbox controller. (GOD MY GIANT HANDS LOVED THAT THING)
MorganX  +   1931d ago
Good point, as many Americans find the PS3 controller too small. Still, I don't think a mini controller would make a difference.

There was an Xbox game called N.U.D.E, now a bunch more of those in HD might make a difference. I'd like to try it myself. Not sure if MS actually ever released it. I think they may have felt it would tarnish their image in US.
Ninferno  +   1931d ago
wasnt xbox codenamed midway? the same codename used by the US to outsmart japan?
guzman  +   1931d ago
Yeah, that worked out well for MS huh?
Zerodin   1931d ago | Offensive
Optical_Matrix  +   1931d ago
They don't have anything against foreign products. Japan LOVE Starbucks, Baseball, Apple Products, Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, Disney...just Microsoft is synonymous with poor quality products and I guess that's just stuck. It's more of a case of Japan won't embrace Microsoft, or at least the Xbox 360 brand. They have nothing against foreign products. They're just more brand loyal when it comes to gaming because by in large Nintendo and Sony's systems cater more to the Japanese gaming market.
MorganX  +   1931d ago
The real deals? Imports, or japanese chinese forgeries. Especially with regards to Nike. Chances are greater than 50% any Nike product sold in Japan is not a genuine Nike product.
Optical_Matrix  +   1931d ago
Perhaps the dumbest comment evert. It's China thats known for it's fakes. Not Japan. Japan is the complete opposite. Have you been to Japan before? Have you seen their Nike Stores? Japan doesn't do knock offs or forgeries. It's China and smaller south eastern asian countries that do. Go there for yourself and see. Of course the real deals.

I love how, because China does it, you automatically assumed Japan does. Japan has no need to when they're the original creators of most of the great modern technology that we use anyway. And they're living standard is so much higher than most countries. Why would they need to make knock offs? There are some serious misinformed people on this site.
#21.1.1 (Edited 1931d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(0) | Report
guzman  +   1931d ago
Op_matrix: You think that lobotomized nut-hugger MorganX could even afford a trip to Japan? Just sit back and revel in his stupidity.
Knushwood Butt  +   1931d ago
Has everyone forgotten when Peter Moore was at the 360 launch in Shibuya, Tokyo and had more verbal diarrhea, boldly claiming to everyone present, including the press, that the 360 was going to be number 1?

That kind of BS may wash elsewhere, but not in Japan, particularly when it isn't backed up by anything whatsoever. I mean, it really isn't difficult to talk crap.
JasonXE  +   1931d ago
true fantasy live online
end of the xbox /end
Obama  +   1931d ago
ha that's wierd. I am not Japanese and I certainly hate the 360 :D
soundslike  +   1931d ago

Organization XII  +   1930d ago
hahaha... south park is fuking epic, oh and yeah everyone hates the Xbox, even Xbox owners and Microsoft themselves hate the Xbox 360, no wonder they're not supporting the hardcore gamers...
ohdavey  +   1931d ago
xbox > sony
visualb  +   1931d ago
annooother 3 day old multi account

xbox is a 6 year old console, Sony is a company

thats like saying

sandwich > plant

debubble and ignore
PS_Family  +   1931d ago
Because the console blows and they have decent IQs.
Denethor_II  +   1931d ago
Well, far be from the fore front of gaming tecnology to not embrace a western piece of shit. And it is a piece of shit, I know becuase I own one;)
Killzone3Helghast  +   1931d ago
Microsoft is American. 'Nuff said.
Eu  +   1931d ago
All I've been reading here are xenophobic comments of people who neve went to Japan, and any other country in Asia, to have an actual perspective of things.

Japan doesnt sees MS as quality. Complain all you want, but japanese people sees quality as the MOST important thing when buying anything. MS and its shoddy software problems are well know there. They use it because, hey, guess who have, basically, the monopoly of the market? Things may change even in there...

The first Xbox came out with a weak lauching plan, and it bombed. Its name mean Batsu Box, wich means NO/WRONG Box. Thats not 'cool' there. What killed the brand trhere weas the RROD problems the X360 came out with. IF an estabilished brand does produce some shoddy hardware there, it have time to correct it. If its not estabilished, its a seppuku to lauch a POS hardware.

PS- I've been there many times in the last few years, and still have lots of friend that actually live there. They love McDs and KFC....not funny to go to Japan and actually go to eat in a KFC....
guzman  +   1931d ago
Amen EU, amen.
PirateThom  +   1931d ago
This whole "HUR JAPAN HATES THE 360 BECAUSE ITS AMERICAN" nonsense has got to stop, seriously... there's countless western brands that are popular in Japan.

The 360 just doesn't do anything for consumers there, it's not some strange phenomenon. Some places just don't take to a product as much as others.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1931d ago
last i heard, Iphones/ipods are pretty popular over there
visualb  +   1931d ago
yeah its just an excuse for the truth

1) brand loyalty, Japanese love Sony (fact) and nintendo (fact) and this allowing a 3RD console isn't easy, especially one with less variety in games and more hardware instability.

2) product quality. Japs are obcessed with quality, and tbh, technically, Sony has that over MS (hardware wise)

thats it
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