9 New MAG Weapons Detailed

MAG Escalation DLC Releasing Nov.9th includes nine new weapons in all, the bonus guns come in sets of three for each PMC (one Assault Rifle, one Machine Gun, and one Sniper Rifle). d

Raven: Gotha Elite (Assault Rifle) | KP21 (Machine Gun) | Kinmark SRS (Sniper Rifle)
SVER: Tamsen MK2 (Assault Rifle | Ariet SFW (Machine Gun) | Rubakho SVR (Sniper Rifle)
Valor: M31 CIR (Assault Rifle) | M245 (Machine Gun) | Sentinel M421 (Sniper Rifle)

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RememberThe3572823d ago

More weapons is what this game needs. I Love this game but I'm thinking of moving on to something else. Maybe this will keep me going.

Bobbykotickrulesz2822d ago

The problem with DLC on this game is not enough people buy it so I'm constantly just sitting in a room waiting for a match.

DanteKnightsTemplar2822d ago

There are absolutly loads of people playing.Im shocked,because a game on this scale,Im able to find games after a min.Sometimes less.I suggest you make some friends and join a clan and hop into their game.

pixelsword2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Interdiction is somewhat like what Jack said; it's not always full depending on the time of day, so at times you will be sitting there. You get games for the rest of the levels, but not interdiction depending on when you play.

But I have to point out that there's currently only one DLC map pack released for MAG as of today, plus Interdiction's counter was messed up (according to what Zipper said) and that was one of the big facctors ast to why no one stayed long enough to get into the matches; because it always looked empty.

JackBNimble2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I know you love the game and all, but I also have the Interdiction DLC and it is only pure luck if you get in a game with in one minute.Having friends and being in a clan has nothing to do with anything either.

"There are absolutly loads of people playing.Im shocked,because a game on this scale,Im able to find games after a min".

No need to stretch the truth ,you obviously haven't been around since MAG released because there use to be about 4x as many people in every game mode. I'm not knocking the game just stating facts.

darkdoom30002822d ago

It depens when you are playing. sometimes theres only a few people in intridiction (less than 10 per pmc). Other times theres around 200 per pmc.

BabyTownFrolics2822d ago

i realize its easy to reject what folks with one bubble say, but he's right. i purchased interdiction day one and its a crap shoot getting into a game. also this new dlc comes out nov 2, then a week later cod black ops comes out. so my worry is that the player base for the new dlc will be small just like interdiction, and then alot of folks will go play cod black ops.

i love mag and have been playing since before day one of release, but you r enthusiasm does not match the reality of the mag gaming community. go to the official mag forums to get a taste of whats really going on.

Sheikh Yerbouti2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

DanteKnights et al.,

He's talking about the DLC. I bought interdiction, but haven't been able to play as much as I would like to. They require more than 64 players for one, so I don't think it is because no one is buying the DLC. I think it is people get impatient and know they can pop into a game of Suppression instead.

Still if my sorry butt can have 85% more sniper kills than the rest of the folks on MAG, a large percentage of folks just haven't been playing.

I urge anyone who bought MAG to get back into it again. I bought it as a fluke and it has been the most played multi-player game for me this gen easily. I dropped out of playing at Level 15 shortly after its release. I got back for a short second into it when I heard other faction's maps were available for play.

But since hearing about the beta and the new skill tree, I got back into it. It is the same game, but they have improvements that really calls for another peek. I've gone up 10 levels in the past month.

raztad2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )


I think you are right. It turns out Interdiction is one of my fav. modes but takes time to find a game. I end up playing Sabotage or choosing Directives.

MAG is also my most played game. Probably ever. I'm not that hardcore, a "measly" 120hours put in it. I've have seen guys with 400+hours.

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StanRaimondi2823d ago

Nice! Can't wait to get my hands on the new guns and play the new maps

NavySeal742823d ago

cant wait for the dlc hopefully il put more time into mag.
I really should but playing it alone aint fun as with friends or a clan.

Dark-Cloud2822d ago

this games is a real multiplayer game !! :D .. this is what i want , if u are going to make only multiplayer game u should upgrade it not releasing it and forget about it ........ and make these upgrades for free !! :D but this isn't for free :( ...

JoeReno2822d ago

The support for MAG from Zipper is great. Even though this game didnt get great reviews, the support alone is worth the ticket price. And a steal now that its a "greatest hits".

JackBNimble2822d ago

There have been upgrades and weapons packs for free, What isn't free is the new game modes ...Interdiction and Escalation.

ThanatosDMC2822d ago

Glad to see more and more N4G members playing the game and experiencing awesomeness. I should get back to MAG soon... been spending way too much time with New Vegas.

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