Tuned Car Trades, Snow Ruts & More in GT5 Magazine Features

A stream of interesting tidbits have been trickling into GTPlanet today via several new magazine articles.

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TrevorPhillips2736d ago

Thats freakin sweet, trade cars and all. Now I cannot wait for this game! xD

nix2736d ago

every time i hear the word GT5, my heart sinks further... i could have been playing this game next week. sigh.

RememberThe3572736d ago

This sucks. I want this game so bad I can feel it in my bones.

Bobbykotickrulesz2736d ago

Pink slips of some sort would be cool. I mean, I know this isn't a street racing game but still.

Also, tuned car trades and snow ruts?! That's crazy! Now how about a damn release date?

blumatt2736d ago

I am sooo stoked for this damn game! I can't wait!

Ilikegames762736d ago

every time your car gets really dirty, it will degrade its performance. You need to get it washed by those guys. Same thing will oil, it's just like GT4.

GoldPS32736d ago

And King of All Racers

ExplosionSauce2736d ago

I like that second slogan/sub-title thingy better. Each game lasts for a while and they're the racing games I've spent the most time on.

Gran Turismo
The Drive of Your Life


aaron58292736d ago

Chuck Norris of PS Exclusives...

ok, that's lame i know.

Light Yagami2736d ago

That sounds cool. cant wait for next year.

TheBest2736d ago

You waiting for the GOTY edition?

That's your call buddy, I'll be playing all through the holidays :)

Ilikegames762736d ago

you will be playing with your pretend Pus..., I mean Kitty.

Bromeslice2736d ago

Snow ruts? Is there anything this game doesn't have?

soundslike2736d ago

3D trees.

I kid I kid. Im getting my grubby hands on this Day 1.

Zancruz2736d ago

I don't care if there's flying cars, cars that can go under water, cars drive through a puddle and we'll get wet at home..... I don't wanna hear about anything but a release date! The day I can buy the damn game and take it home and finally can play it for myself... Damn, is that too much to ask for? (Rant done) *takes breath*

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The story is too old to be commented.