First video: Persona 2 PSP remake

News and media keeps rolling in for this one. Here’s the first video of the PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

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RedPawn2766d ago

I knew this was coming, I was telling some customers about this today possibly happening.

I hope SE wises up and retools Befor Crisis for the PSP, like their doing with KH:Coded.

knifefight2766d ago

Huh? Coded is coming to the DS, but I didn't hear about a PSP version. You sure? Neat, if true.
But yeah, I'd be interested in Before Crisis for PSP, if that happened.

knifefight2766d ago

Follow-up: Just checked GameFaqs (crappy forums, accurate info) and I didn't see anything about KH Coded for PSP. I think you're mixing it up with RE: Coded for the DS.