Treyarch: One helluva CoD: Black Ops trailer coming during Sunday's NFL game

According to Josh Olin, Community Manager for Treyarch, tweeted that, during this Sunday's NFL Halloween-special football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New Orleans Saints, be prepared to see one helluva Call of Duty: Black Ops launch trailer.

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saint_john_paul_ii2850d ago

maybe in the trailer, it will show how the PS3 version is gimped without split-screen Dual PSN logins, something that has been on the PS3 since Resistance 2 implemented it from the PS3 SDK.

SJPFTW2850d ago

im getting this game for my PS3 and i dont care if it doesnt come with splitscreen dual psn logins.

PRHB HYBRiiD2850d ago

u must have no friends :(

SJPFTW2849d ago

me and my friends cant enjoy offline splitscreen, online splitscreen(even though they are guest)and zombies together in black ops /sarcasm

XxDeathDoctorxX2850d ago

if they show split screen with 2 dif ids ill sue for false advertisement since it wont have it on ps3 which is bull crap

SJPFTW2850d ago

what false advertisement they already confirmed and is on the site that that feature is not going to be on the ps3

Fishy Fingers2850d ago

It aint Halo 1 days anymore, I dont share my screen with anyone. I'd rather take it in turns. But I aint doing that either :)

scar202850d ago

OMG its zombies...yawn.

Fishy Fingers2850d ago

Finally get to see some Zombie footage and see what it's all about.

TheBalloMan2850d ago

my zombie-sense is tingling...

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