Gamer’s Gripe: Replay value is overrated

Kids these days just have no love for the story mode.

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vickers5002846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

"To that I say: If you’re playing a game just to beat it, then you”re playing it for all the wrong reasons."

And who are you exactly to tell me that I am playing a game wrong? Are you some kind of authority on gaming?

If I'm going to spend 65 bucks on a game, then it must have either a long enough single player campaign (7+ hours) that also happens to be very enjoyable and very polished, and very good OR it has to have at least a decent single player campaign and a fun multiplayer mode.

But if you're going to make a game that's 4-5 hours maximum, and has no multiplayer mode and then have the audacity to charge me full price for such a short experience (talking about Vanquish here), then I'm not buying your game whenever I can go elsewhere and buy games that offer a much better experience for my money. With that said, had Vanquish been priced with a 30-40 dollar price tag, I wouldn't have hesitated to buy it, because it looks amazing, but without an amazing story AND amazing gameplay, a 4-6 hr game that only has great gameplay and great graphics isn't worth the full 65. If it had a good story in addition to great gameplay and great graphics, I would have reconsidered, but as it stands right now, the game does not meet the expectations I have for me to pay full price for it.

I only replay SP campaigns more than once if the game is amazing. Telling people they are wrong for not replaying a game once they beat it is ignorant though.

rdgneoz32846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I replay SP campaigns if they're amazing quality, or RPGS or such where you have the choice to go different paths in the game so that I can explore all the possibilities of it. And definitely agree with you (vickers500) on Vanquish. When I heard the 4 to 5 hour game play, I decided to save my money and wait till it hits $40 or so used. As for the article's comment "“Why spend 60 bucks on a game if I’m just going to blow through it in a day or two?” To that I say: If you’re playing a game just to beat it, then you”re playing it for all the wrong reasons." Games have gone up in price and $65 for a 4 hour game is idiotic. Some companies have taken notice and sold there games at $50 or $40 to get people to buy it.

"Gamers have been so spoiled by online death matches and downloadable content that they no longer respect the value of titles that lack both." No, people have no respect for developers being lazy. If they're gonna make a game without online multiplayer / co-op, they better make the game long enough and have a good enough story for people to want to spend their money on it.

JoySticksFTW2845d ago

Agreed. Multiplayer isn't needed for a game if the singleplayer is amazing

Even though it would be cool to run around a world like Oblivion with other players, no one can feel shorted by that game's singleplayer approach

AKS2845d ago

"Telling people they are wrong for not replaying a game once they beat it is ignorant though."

Not as ignorant of critiquing the value and quality of Vanquish without playing through it yourself.

CulumNH2845d ago

If you actually paid attention to the article you'd see that I said it's okay to play a game just once or twice. The point was that games aren't about being fun anymore. People have been spoiled by multiplayer and created all these hoops that games need to jump through before they can be considered "good." Having not even played Vanquish you've already assessed that it would be worth 30-40 dollars. What if you played it and hated it? Would it be worth $5 then? Or maybe nothing? I would read a little more carefully next time before throwing the word "ignorant" around. You end up a victim of your own argument.

Titanz2846d ago

And spending $60 plus for a game with "no replay value" isn't?


steve30x2846d ago

When I used to finish games I used to get at least one new unlock for the next time I played the game again. For instance , Silent Hill 1 had a First person view unlock when I finished the game first time around. Now days we get noting but the credits with no replay value and no reward for clearing the game.

s45gr322845d ago

Oh how I miss those days, when playing a video game will lead to multiple paths. Passing say game in the hardest difficulty will earn you a costume or new character. Pretty much the gamer will get rewarded for exploring every nook and cranny of say game or pass say game in the hardest difficulty. Now I have to pay for it i.e. DLC ugh!!!

Mahr2846d ago

"You’re paying for an experience when you purchase a game"

Well, yes, but if the time investment is minimal, then there is really no purpose in paying more to purchase the game if the experience of a rental would be exactly the same for less money.

SpinalRemains1382846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Yeah this is dead wrong in my eyes. There's nothing wrong with replaying a game if that's your thing, but it isn't for me and never has been. I finish a game and then I'm done with it. I am definitely of the mind that if I am spending 60 bucks on a game that it better give me at least 2 weeks of enjoyment. Games like GoW and Dante's Inferno are so amazing and would be perfect scores if not for the shortness. It's not a gripe as much as it is a fact. For 2 years now I have been a faithful renter of single player adventures and I only purchase FPS, or multiplayer games.

We have to seperate movies and games when it comes to replay value. We aren't playing movies. They aren't interactive. They also aren't in the 60 dollar range. So when we spend our rent money, or our paper route money, we want to get our money's worth. There's nothing wrong with that. It's called being practical. If we keep buying 10 hour adventures then that's exactly what TPTB will continue to feed us. The trend is dictated by the consumer. Would everyone's panties be in a twist over Black Ops if it were not? MW is mediocre at best, but it has incredible replay value because you get a different outcome each time you interact with diff players in different matches. Long lasting appeal stretches your investment out. Buying GoW does nothing but gives you 2 days of fun and 11 months of waiting. I say to you all......"Rent Rent Rent!!!!!!!"

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