EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending 23rd, Oct 2010

Console Weekly (change) Total
DS 101,304 (+11%) 54,463,569
Wii 82,865 (+40%) 28,862,045
X360 78,701 (+13%) 17,322,664
PS3 78,651 (+17%) 17,596,029
PSP 29,730 (+2%) 25,194,663
PS2 16,365 (+1%) 61,612,389

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stonecold32764d ago

wait till real info come in . sony gives real results not made up vgcharts is fake

commodore642763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

VGchartz has the 360 at 43.99 million sold.

MS's quarterly report just came out and MS reported 44.6 million 360 units sold worldwide since the console's launch in 2005.

So MS actually did better than what VGC estimated.
Weird, huh?
According to all the Sony fanboys on n4g, VGC always overstates 360 numbers...

Better not let the facts get in the way of a good fanboy story, otherwise I'll lose all my bubbles.. no wait

Wow, disagrees.
What exactly are you disagreeing with guys?
The facts don't change just because you disagree, you know. lol.
I smell fanboy rage.

xion20102763d ago

Microsoft, sony, and nintendo report sold as what's been sold to retailers. NPD and vgchartz tries to guess what's been sold to gamers.

So according to vgchartz there's about 600,000 xbox consoles in retail stores and warehouses world wide that gamers haven't bought yet.

gaden_malak2763d ago

"I smell fanboy rage."

said he who came in for damage control. Your comment has no relevance to the EMEAA charts.

bustamove2763d ago

You shouldn't use that term when you act the same exact way.

The Wood2763d ago

You are really ignorant or gullible if you think strong trends can be broken in 1 go. Lol

morganfell2763d ago

And vgchartz grossly underestimated the PS3 numbers. Sony just released their official numbers and what I have been saying in several posts for some time has occurred. The PS3 continues to gain ground. It has closed the gap to less than 3 mil. Well vgchartz? Well?

Anon19742763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Also, bear in mind that VGChartz periodically adjusts their figures as well. They usually prove to be off month to month by sometimes 20-30% from data like NPD, but VGChartz goes back and retroactively adjusts their figures as they state in their methodology page. That makes their figures look a little more respectable over the long haul, but short term numbers like these are simply farcical. Yesterday when Sony reported their quarterly figures, they shipped 3.5 million consoles to retail. For the same period VGChartz reported 1.8 million sold. For 360 for the quarter - both VGChartz and MS somehow came up with the same number, 2.8 million.

Don't trust this site. It's been proven grossly inaccurate again and again. In fact, I encourage everyone to click on the VGChartz link under the "read story" and vote this site down so the quality filter on N4G starts blocking this site. Enough is enough.

SWORDF1SH2763d ago

hey commodore. Check out vgchartz adjusted numbers after sony official numbers. looks like ps3 vgchartz has ps3 selling 140,000 a week now.

morganfell2763d ago

commodore wrote:

"Yes, it is amazing.
Not too long ago we had amateurish 'bloggers' proclaiming the 360 was in decline.

Funny how now we can observe that the ps3's biggest year yet is being eclipsed by 360 sales...

Judging by the number of disagrees you have, it seems quite a lot people don't like the facts.
Isn't it weird how these types of people think disagreeing with a fact will make it somehow less relevant?

... the mind boggles. "

How does it feel now that vgchartz changed their numbers to reflect the truth? Must hurt like a groin kick...with cleats.

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Motorola2764d ago

PS3 50 units away LOL. soo close.... :( Once Kinect is out 360 will see another temporary boost but only probably wrong though. Once the holidays arrive its anyone's game. cept Wii, I think everyone has tried a wii by now

big_silky2763d ago

the 360 has been ahead for 4 years now, that's one hell of a temporary boost....

Cyrus3652763d ago

No it hasn't, infact PS3 has outsold 360 worldwide pretty much almost every year (cept year 1 I believe). the Difference in sales is due to 360 being out a year...and that gap has closed down.

westy5522763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

@big silky, Umm did you look at the total numbers there champ, if has been ahead the whole time how has the ps3 outsold the 360??

Nathaniel_Drake2763d ago


Stop looking through the rose colored 360 glasses, the lead you are talking about is the 1 year headstart. That has diminished tremendously and the 360 really is only getting boosts from the new model. 360 is not known for games, just extra content.

Lord_Doggington2763d ago

one comment three different excuses.

SyphonFilter2763d ago

@lord dog- 1 year headstart is a fact,i know you don't want to hear that they had a 1 year headstart and price advantage but you need to face the facts. Also they are last place in japan and Europe despite the headstart.

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shutupandplay2763d ago ShowReplies(6)
ALFAxD_CENTAURO2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

This articles is food for trolls.

Iramo2763d ago

and fanboys and trolls are about to make this a flame then millions more will gather around it.Its gonna be a ride alright

TheLastGuardian2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

360 sales is through tha roof. Teh Ps3z will never catch up. JK

cmrbe2763d ago

we didn't get any of these. Now?.

I'll say this again. VG chart is crap. It dosn't matter if its showing the PS3 selling a billion. It's false data that really is not worth the time debating.

You kids have fun arguing over numbers pulled out of a kids ass.

Iramo2763d ago

about something that happened a year ago get over it is it really that big

Nitrowolf22763d ago

i find it ridiculas that weekly charts are just arriving. I mean its been four years, media Create been doing for ever and now VG Chart does it. I am better off with monthly instead of weekly anyway, i mean why the F do we need an article every week now, and eventually this will be top page just like the other ones were.
Monthly is the way to go

N4WAH2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

The way to go would be no sales articles at all. This is new 4 gamers not stockholders. I want games, games and more games. Most of the articles on this site are about sales, potential sales, lack of sales, etc and so on. My head is spinning from all the spinning these sites do pulling numbers out of their ass just to get hits.

All sites are guesstimates at best. The only people that know the real numbers are the manufacturers and publishers. Nobody believes them when they release their numbers. All of this is just fodder to argue over. That is what this generation is one big arguement.

Nitrowolf22763d ago

that is true, but you can't get rid of these article and we can't have only yearly one's neither and weekly ones just get annoying, so monthly would be better since it would be only one sales whore fest a month rather then every week.

the F N4G use to be great, i use to use it all the time before i was a member and now we get these articles everyday. I wonder what would happen if they never released number and only did it yearly, a lot would change on this site

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