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UK retailer GAME has revealed that it’ll be offering a special ‘Recon Pack’ to customers who pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops from its stores, containing an exclusive flight suit for your Xbox 360 and PlayStation Home avatar and a film cell taken from the game.

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DufferO82817d ago

its only an xbox avatar im cool with that

ZBlacktt2817d ago

Seems kind of boring for a series that sells millions and millions of copies. But then again, recall those cheap made in a overseas sweat shop NVG's, with MW2 lol.

blumatt2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Yeah, I'm not gonna pre-order it. I'll just pick it up at my local WalMart the day it comes out. I'd get it from Amazon but I don't think they ship it to you the day it releases. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The only reason why I'm getting this game is because they seem to have corrected all of MW2's wrongs. They need to get back to the great multiplayer experiences that were in CoD4, the best of the last few CoD games.
Edit: What they need to do for pre-order incentives is something akin to what EA did for Battlefield BC2 and give you the first dlc map pack for free when it comes out. Now THAT would make me want to pre-order. Because, quite simply, I will NOT pay $15 for a map pack this time, especially if they pull another move where they give you two maps from the previous game and two new maps. If anything we should be given ALL the old maps from CoD4 and MW2 for use with Black Ops for like $5 or something since they ARE old maps.

vickers5002817d ago

To correct you since you are wrong, yes, they do ship launch day. Only costs a buck and ends up being 60.98 bucks, less than if you bought it at gamestop.

cubsfan21542817d ago

Its not like it cost extra money to pre order, you just reserve a copy

TacoBurrito2816d ago

Has release date delivery for 99 cents. I preordered the hardened edition with release date delivery for 46.oo woot woot

Blacktric2817d ago

ShopTo does a similar promotion though not with this much content. If you preorder the Xbox 360 version of the game, you'll get the RC Car (don't know the exact name of it, but it's the one rigged with C4) Avatar prop for Xbox 360. Not much maybe but its still a nice extra.

MGRogue20172817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

If any of you are in the UK, I'd really recommend pre-ordering Black Ops from

You will get the game one day before release. (8th) .. I've pre-ordered the Hardened Edition from there myself. (X360) :)

Blacktric2817d ago

Just a tip; if you're not dying to play the game, wait for a month to buy Hardened Edition. Because after a month, special edition prices gets dropped at least 15 pounds (same thing happened with Halo: Reach Limited Edition for example).

theEx1Le2817d ago

I get mine on the 6th :P

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