WII: Project O Revealed

Marvelous Interactive's mysterious Project O now has an official name. The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that the game, being developed by an all-star staff whose resume includes Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VIII and Harvest Moon, will be known in Japan as Ousama Monogatari.

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MK_Red3833d ago

Good team. Hopefully it's a good game and on par with FFXII and DQ8.

The Real Joker3833d ago

Well I was hoping for Project Orgasm so not I am upset.

bluegoblin3833d ago

that was hilarious.Bubbles
I think it has a lot of potential.

Rooftrellen3833d ago

This sounds great. It sounds somewhat like Pikmin and Civilization put together and made Harvest Moon style. I guess this is one more to add to this list of great games hitting the Wii, if only because it has all of the makings of greatness!