NowGamer: The Fight (Move) Review

Probably the best thing about The Fight is that it gives you a breakdown of just how many calories you’ve burnt off during a fight. Poor design decisions combine with a truly intrusive calibration mechanism to produce a title that frustrates far more than it excites. There are far better adverts for Move, even at this early stage.

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feelintheflow2577d ago

Kinect games as well. Shovelware will abound for both of these things. Thank God I love fitness games and shovelware.

NoBUDI2577d ago

This is about Move and The Fight, let us not take the limelight off of Move by throwing in kinect. Allow Move to bask in this splendour

Bobbykotickrulesz2577d ago

This game looked crappy from the beginning.

Disagree if you want but that's my opinion and it isn't changing.

Bigpappy2577d ago

Based on what I have seen from bugs and none responsive gameplay.

NewsForMe2577d ago

The Fight

Why are you talking about Kinect?

THC CELL2577d ago

This site is not on my list for review as they are in for only hits.
I will wait for a better site to review this game.

sGIBMBR2577d ago

By better site you mean, any site giving a positive review?!

blackburn52577d ago

I don't believe it. It can't be as bad as they say. Besides,didn't they say that it was delayed until November 9th. How come Nowgamer has a review? Is this really the final version? Not convinced yet. After someone gave Eyepet a 1/10 and IGN gave Tumble a 3.5 I have learned to wait for other reviews before I judge.

IMChampion2577d ago

Motion games are getting terrible reviews. Is this a sign of whats to expect from motion based games on HD consoles in general?

WLPowell2577d ago Show
Regal_Light2577d ago

Be patient. I'm sure Sorcery will change a lot of peoples' minds.

insomnium2577d ago Show
chilled2m2577d ago

Screw these motion controllers. I'll stick to my gamepad just fine, thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.