Gamasutra: "Research: Halo: Reach September's Most Discussed Game Online"

Halo: Reach was the most talked-about game online in September, surpassing previous leader Modern Warfare 2 -- that's according to a new analytics report that tracked conversations on gaming forums and communities.

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NoBUDI2731d ago

Of course people will be talking about it. Next up, Black Ops, followed by Kinect if the heat system on N4G is anything to go by


best game thaat has the best online support of any console.

BrianG2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

How do you say... ahhh... durr?

Of course, it was a big profile release and the last game of a series.

I like the comment above haha, water is wet haha, wouldn't be surprised to see that on here next.