Xbox 360 Sales Jump 38 Percent

Xbox 360 sales grew 38 percent during Microsoft's first-quarter 2011 fiscal year, which ended on Sept. 30, 2010.

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niceguywii602848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

*Ground shakes*

*grabs cover*

Obama2848d ago

You know, nobody is saying kinect won't sell. Most are just saying that device and its games blow which even the 360 faithful won't completely deny.

testerg352848d ago

Actually.. they originally said it wouldn't sell and that people would be stupid to buy it.

Then when they realized it will sell, they changed their excuse to "what about returns".

darthv722848d ago

i am a 360 faithful and i wont deny that the first few games of ANY product release are nowhere near the quality of ones released later on. It was that way since the 2600 it was that was with the PS3. Good games but easily surpassed with time and hard work.

I can see the first batch of kinect games as simple interactive entertainment to tempt the taste buds. They have to at least demonstrate the basic principles of what the device can do. We all know there will be better games to come not to mention potential uses for the interface.

Nitrowolf22848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


yeah but most of those people who thought Kinect wouldn't sell thought Move wouldn't either ( I fall in that catigory)
Even when Move showcased amazing games
everyone thought both motion device would fail
now in sales both will be successful
in games, only time will tell (though Move already has a promising line up)
Kinect might be like the PS3 launch, not many good games but time will only tell.


It was both, i seem to remember the same thing for Move
Near Move Launch a bunch of people said it would Flop in sales and still do

Same thing is happening here

truth is Kinect is going to end up selling

Move has great sales, people on this site just can't except that.

Really Move sales flop died out once they showed the games for it, Kinect sales flop is being mostly generated on this site from the Lag it has, rail gaming, and casual launch games. The average person who doesn't knwo shit about gaming sites or spend their time on one doesn't know these things. The other day i saw a guy at best buy watching a Kinect video, i am sure he is going to buy it you can see just from his face that he was drawn in. Kinect isn't aimed at us Hardcore gamers, that is why it fails to us so far until proven.

Kinect target Market currently =/= Hardcore gamers
Kinect currently = family/casual people
Don't believe that? just look at MS advertisement for it, Family, friends and a bunch of people all grouped up together having fun while running, jumping, ect..

Hades13372848d ago

Really? I seem to remember many people predicting Kinect would be a massive sales flop.

Masamori Sumimura2848d ago

Dont you like how everytime there'S postive news about an xbox game or product the article is filled with Xbox haters bashing people around? a few articles ago it was the Fable 3 doing great numbers on day 1 story now it's the xbox 360 sale boost.

commodore642848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

not sure why you guys are talking about kinect.
Kinect has not been released yet.

MS is reporting 38% increased sales of the 360 WITHOUT kinect.
If you read their powerpoint presentation, they forecast a further 30% increase in console sales for next quarter, wth Kinect (slide 16 of the powerpoint earnings release)

To add to the good news, MS is reporting a sizeable profit in its EADD (360 division) of $382 Million, for the last quarter.
This is undeniably an astoundingly good outcome, considering Kinect development and promotional costs are likely already factored into this figure, in the form of increased 'cost of goods sold'.

Some of the hardcore Sony fanboys on here were like:
"Herp derp the 360 is in decline"

weeeell, I guess that has turned out to be a fallacy, huh?

Bigpappy2848d ago

Take a look at Amazon for example. The Kinect 250 Gig Bundle is already outselling all consoles by any manufacturer. I can't wait untill after the 1st week of Kinect release to read the nonsense you guys come up with.

8thnightvolley2848d ago

Man see how 360 is doing good n kinect hasn't even been out...
Wtf is up with all the stupid things I keep reading here
Seriously when kinect over sells I want to see what ppl will say
All folks who bought it e blond or babies or wtf they can think off llool how pathetic n sad

jessupj2848d ago

Actually, we always knew it was going to sell well because we knew MS would put a lot of money into advertising. We just didn't know it was going to be 500 mil worth of advertsing. You could sell my fieces with that money...

Bottom line is we're saying kinect is going to sell because MS are going to stick it in EVERYONE'S faces, NOT because it's a revolutionary piece of hardware with awesome games.

JokesOnYou2848d ago

"Xbox 360 Sales Jump 38 Percent"

...and darkride head explodes

Anon19742848d ago

Leading up to these earnings I was guessing the 360 would do somewhere between 2.5 and 3 million. The combination of price cuts and the 360s was a huge catalyst to kick 360 sales into motion again. I always maintained this and was expecting an excellent quarter from Microsoft.

What surprised me is Sony's figures. I thought Sony might move about the same as Microsoft. Compared to last year when the PS3 cut the price and launched the slim I thought there was no way the PS3 could match that. I was wrong.

What? You just think I bash the 360 at every opportunity? Nothing could be further from the truth. I love my 360. Still playing through Halo Reach and can't wait to get my hands on Fable 3 when I've got some time, as my posting history shows. You just choose to see what you want to see.

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wat6342848d ago

whats with the video?

seinfan2848d ago

Reported him for spam. He's looking for hits on his video, probably.

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jwatt2848d ago

I think you have to give MS credit at least in America, they're simply out hustling Sony. Every year they always have some really good strategies to sell consoles, whether we like how they do it or not, they get it done.

morganfell2847d ago

DK, remember this comment:

How about the facts now that the real numbers are out, not vgchartz and the PS3 has been wiping the EMEA floor with the 360?

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ForzaGT2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

the halo effect

NoBUDI2848d ago

That halo reach was not a system seller, that everybody that wanted halo already had an x360.
Where was the halo effect reasoning then?
I thought ODST sales meant that Halo popularity was waning. Halo Reach opening was the biggest opening for an exclusive title ever. . .ever! And that is not gonna change, never, not even if there's a fire!!

darthv722848d ago

There is that reasoning that if x game is coming, then people who want that game will have either pre-purchased the console to play it or buy it at the time.

We could also use GT5 as an example. There has been plenty of time and incentives for those interested in buying the game to get a unit. It will be interesting if that game sells systems or just sells copies.

I am on the list for a copy as are a few of my friends. We already have the system.

Imperator2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

The only people who though Halo Reach would not sell consoles are those hardcore fanboys. Of COURSE the 360's flagship title (the game that literally made the xbox) would sell consoles! And I'm also willing to bet that Kinect will sell very well. Point is, it's crap (Kinect).

SaberEdge2848d ago

These guys are right, though. It wasn't just a few people saying that. It was pervasive. I can't tell you how many times I saw people saying that Halo Reach wouldn't help move any consoles.

seinfan2848d ago

Once again, how many fanboys waited for Reach after Halo 3 and ODST to get a 360? Not many.

Omega42848d ago

At least 50ml by year end then.

GoldPS32848d ago

About 47m maybe but I doubt 50m.

gigaware2848d ago

Not 47 million more like 52 million.

biggame9012848d ago

47 million is about right. 50 million is possible, but unlikely.

metsgaming2848d ago ShowReplies(1)
MGRogue20172848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

.... Why am I not surprised?

NoBUDI2848d ago

Now you're not suprised anymore? Make up your mind

MGRogue20172848d ago

Hmmm.. No, I said "Colour me not surprised" but wanted to make it sound more clearer to the reader. :)

John-1172848d ago

Caught red-handed at it's finest lol