IGN: Top 100 PS2 Games 40-21

IGN: Sony's PlayStation 2 is one of the greatest video game consoles of all time. Not only has it built up a tremendous library of software over the years, but it's also sold more than 145 million units worldwide -- more than any other console to date.

2010 marks the 10-year anniversary of the PS2's launch, so what better way to celebrate the beloved console than to look back at all the great games we've enjoyed on the system? "

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come_at_me_bro2703d ago

I love how God Hand is on this list but earned itself a 3.0 on their rating scale. IGN is so inconsistent, it's impossible to take them seriously.

SquareEnixFan2703d ago

Most of my top 10 favorite PS2 games are already on the list. I'm very interested to see what could possibly be in IGN's top 10.