Clothing Damage: Malicious Style

Andriasang: Plus, team Malicious speaks about their downloadable PlayStation 3 creation.

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Neckbear2733d ago

There we have the reason to play as the Female MC.

Anyways, I wonder if we'll see it Stateside...

I'd like Sony to be more like Nintendo and localize Japanese Third Party exclusive games to their consoles, instead of only localizing First party/Second party titles.

Gambit072733d ago

Nice! I'll get hit on purpose.

Trebius2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )


On Topic: This game looks like it'd be worth a few bucks. Nice concept, i'm more interested in the size of the boss with the fists than the tearing of clothes. Potential for this game is huge.

GiantJedi2733d ago

Tell me about it! ecspecially the ads that pop up over the comments on the side and start talking or something and theres no pause or stop button on them!

CrescentFang2733d ago

I really wanted to get one, the gundams looked awesome as they were still fighting, but they looked totally destroyed!!! I finally found some at a local store for $1.42 each! I just didn't like how they were cheap toys (because they broke a few months later), but I still loved them
I do like seeing my characters actually look like they are hurt or show signs of it, but when your playing as a girl people could give you weird looks >_>

Lirky2733d ago

too bad this is only on japanese psn store.

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