Gizmodo: Xbox 360 Transforming Controller Review: I've Got Blisters on Me Fingers

Gizmodo:"The Xbox 360 controller's biggest flaw is the craptastic directional pad plunked in the middle of it. Five years later, Microsoft's come up with a better way: a transforming controller.

Four-way directional pad is awesome for fighting and old-school games. Even in puck mode, it seems to work a little better. Morphing mechanism feels solid. The four "home" dots have been sanded off of the analog stick, leaving a totally smooth surface for your thumbs to rest on.

The fact that you can only get this controller as a $65 play-and-charge bundle feels like extortion. Most Xbox 360 gamers—particularly the fanatics that would be psyched about this controller—probably already have a play-and-change kit or four. Why isn't this available standalone, or better still, bundled with new consoles?"

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Yi-Long2851d ago

... first releasing a controller with a worthless gimped D-pad, and when they finally come around to fixing it, they are overcharging their customers for it, instead of just making this their standard controller for a normal price.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2851d ago

At least MS updates thier controller instead of using that no trigger old school box design that started with no rumble.

Geriatric Hero2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Wouldn't the inclusion of rumble be considered an update as well?

EDIT @ below: No I didn't miss that part, but you said "at least MS updates their controller", implying that other manufacturers don't. That's why I asked.

EDIT #2: I'm not the one who disagreed by the way. I'm just trying to have a conversation.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2851d ago

"started with no rumble" miss that part did ya?

vsr2851d ago

How can they rumble kinect?

So it's fail.

jarrod19812851d ago

i never play any games where i use the d pad constantly anyways. so it doesnt bother me at all. its a much better feeling controller tha the ds3.

Corepred42851d ago

maybe for you. i like the feel and size of the xbox controller cuz its fits better but i hate the retarded positioning of the sticks. what cross eyed retard thought it'd be a good idea to offset them?

DelbertGrady2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I disagree on the positioning of the sticks. Having the left analogue placed further up gives me better grip and keeps my thumb in a more natural position. I also love the way they are carved out, which keeps your thumb from sliding off the stick, as I've experienced with the DualShock.

As with jarrod1981 I don't use the D-pad that much and it's never really bothered me that much. Only game I can think of where it gave me a problem was Oblivion when you had to use all of its directions to select different stuff.

What I don't get with this new controller is why aren't the buttons color coded? I thought that they were going to be backlit once you turned on the console but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

dead_eye2851d ago

@DelbertGrady "I disagree on the positioning of the sticks. Having the left analogue placed further up gives me better grip and keeps my thumb in a more natural position." hahaha you have deformed hands. lol I'm only kidding.

Corepred42851d ago

i never understood that natural feeling of the thumbs idea. but if its comfortable to you go right ahead. that or when people say their fingers slip off the controller. do people really hold the controller that tightly that it slips off of the joysticks and r2 buttons?

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Shackdaddy8362851d ago

I dont get why they didnt just make a fixed d-pad instead of making it a morphing d-pad. This seems like a waste of MS's resources and time as well as MS making a "neat" feature as a gimmick to make people pay more...

leonlion2851d ago

they need to do something at the xbox division
even if it is wasting resources

gamingdroid2851d ago

I like options personally and I also like the fact that they attempted to fix an issue unlike some other companies that remove things and claim you don't need it and really didn't want it!

jetlian2851d ago

you paying more!? 50 for controller 20 for play and charge 70 total. this only 65. And the reason its not fixed due to some nintendo patent

gigaware2851d ago

Do you own the 360? The new controller is not overcharging anybody it costs the same and you're getting a deal because the charge kit comes with it. When you buy both seperately it will cost gamers more. Looks like the majority of the members here are scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.

Yi-Long2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

... and I love it. I also own a PS3 and love that as well.

I do prefer the 360 controller over the PS3 controller. However, the major weak point of the 360 controller is and always has been the D-pad, which TBH should have been fixed a long time ago.

However, I don't use any charge-kit. I always uses rechargeable batteries (2750mAh Energizer), so I don't need nor want such a kit. I just want a controller with a decent D-pad. And at 65 bucks, it's too expensive for me to spend on a controller.

Also, it doesn't change the fact that if this controller is better than the regular controller, then MS should just make this one the regular controller, which comes in the box along with the console.

About games being played with the D-pad: well, more and more 2D arcadegames are coming out, plus fighters like Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 need a good D-pad. Also there are a bunch of games that use the D-pad as a quick-menu button, and because of that it needs to be precize.

jetlian2851d ago

you need to look at something else if 65 is to much. either way you need batteries. So get use to the p&c kit or get something else. once you get the controller you can still use your rechargables. sell the kit or keep it as back up

gypsygib2851d ago

I have both PS3 and 360 and I gotta say that after playing with the 360 controller for a bit, the PS3 controller feels like crap. It's got a better d-pad but it's vastly inferior in every other way. It's old, antiquated and in immediate need of a redesign.

r1sh122851d ago

Its good they did this, it will make the controller better.
But I dont understand why they didnt remove the massive battery pack in the back and find a way of making it built in??
I welcome the improvement, but if they sorted the battery pack out it would be the ultimate controller.
As many ps3 fans will say all sorts of things, I really feel the xbox controller is pretty good aside from its two biggest flaws, DPAD and battery pack.
Hopefully they another update in the near future.
As for the PS3 controller I prefer it for sports games, shooting and driving I think are better using the 360 controller.
Just personal preference dont get offended

gypsygib2851d ago

I'm wouldn't get offended by someones personal controller preference...I only like PS3 controller better for fighters.

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NoBUDI2851d ago

In fact it is for the opposite of kinect. Does the 500m bribe cover non-kinect reviews? Was this review paid for? I'd like to know and I know the only people that know are "those we do not speak of"

NYC_Gamer2851d ago

so cant buy this controller by its self

air12851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

i like never use the d-pad! so i never cared much about it.

i prefer the 360 pad over the ps3 pad any day of the week though. the ps3 pad, when i hold it bothers after a while. when i wrap my hands around it, my 3rd finger right were my nail starts is right at the edge on the back of the controller. i guess if they rounded that part of it out better it wouldnt bother. i just like how the 360 controller is all rounded out and has no sharp edges. if that makes any sense..

i love that new 360 controller that isnt out yet but i dont think ill drop 65 dllars for it all cause it has that shity play and recharge kit that i been through like 6 of.

i opend one up for ha ha's one day after not charging and noticed that they had like 3 little wires that ran up the sleeve, 3 fvcking tiny wires micro? no wonder why i been through so many!

i love the usb recharge that the ps3 pad has over the phony 360 recharge any day of the week though..

seinfan2851d ago

You've never played Gears. It's a hoe sometimes when you think you've switched to a close-range weapon and when you come up to somebody, you still have the mid-range one equipped.

OldParr2851d ago

where do people get that companies pay reviewers??? that would be extremely stupid on a business point of view. i rather use 500m on aggressive marketing and even reviewers will agree.

creamydingle2851d ago

They don't actually pay reviewers what microsoft does with sites like ign etc is they give the site huge money in advertising and if the start bashing the 360 they threaten to take away the advertising so the site loses most of its revenue.

OldParr2851d ago

thats what i said!!! however, ign should be the one acting ethical about the reviews dont you think? thats why it gets a lot of hits.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2851d ago

Yeah and Elvis was an alien from planet Michael Jackson surfing on a surfboard made of cheese. No one is better at the conspiracy game than PS3 fanboys. MS BUYS EVERYONE MS BUYS EVERYONE!!! That is the PS3 fanboy excuse when anything 360 gets great reviews.

Zachmo1822851d ago

@Jason 360
Yea i konw right man it's like anything that sites say that are positive about microsoft products or games. THEY PAID THEM OFF FOR THAT GOOD REVIEW...But if a sony game or product gets a good review it's cause it's awesome.

jidery2851d ago

Well guys, there have been over 3 Xbox Exclusives that were filled with Glitches, and still got good scores. Explain that...

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Bigpappy2851d ago

The same people saying stuff like that are the same ones who say M$ has an embargo to silence the reviewers. So they pay for good review then turn around and try to stop them. I can't figure out how these people heads work. It is like they completely forget what they said a second ago. Just ignore them.

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