Killzone 3 - Alpha Close Kills Gameplay

Get up close and personal with this montage of close-quarters kills from the Killzone 3 alpha.

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NecrumSlavery2737d ago

I love the triple melee kills, I ran into a room on The Dam and slaughtered 3 dudes in a row. It was the coolest thing I have ever done in a killzone game. One after the other, just cutting mofos.

Also I believe you can double Melee a dude for like 500xp. I rememebr running up on a guy as another teammate was slicing a dude, and I stuck my knife in his back. And I got an assited melee kill.

Love this game.

blackpanther252737d ago

There are assist melee kills?
That has to be the hottest thing ever.

Takoulya2737d ago

The ending was great. The melee kills seem pretty solid. Just a few animation issues, but I'm sure that they'll be fixed by the release. It is alpha code, after all.

morganfell2737d ago

y now too. here is the thing. Zero lag. Zero. Not once since the beta begun have I said, "That was BS. I just got screwed." Every time I have died I knew it was my on idiocy. Or just happenstance.

It's rare you find a game where you never feel like the netcode or some shoddy dev work screwed you. Right now, even in it's current form, this game has no MP equal.

bobrea2737d ago

Awesome. As a poster above me said, I'm sure the animation issues will be worked out by release.

Keltik822737d ago

That music made the video even more bad ass!!!!

mac4u102737d ago

I love the sound it makes when you kill them lol cant wait for this.