Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo verdict

"Ever since GTA IV introduced its Cops and Robbers multiplayer mode I’ve wanted another game where you get to pursue the bad guys as a kick ass cop. Takes me back to the good old Chase HQ days down the pub (still love that game) and of course Lucky & Wild."

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R6ex2638d ago

Really weird feel to the handling.

Jdoki2638d ago

Considering the size of the download I was a little disappointed the demo was so short.

But what was there was fantastic, and it looks like Criterion have nailed it again. Remains to be seen how deep the game play really is though, but I have no doubt this will be the best arcade racer this year.

CommonCent2638d ago

Its fun beating friend's best times, Autolog is win.

danno342636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

If you can't use the steering wheel for PS3 version what heck is the point? Seems like a good game thru the demo but wouldn't let me use the steering wheel which is a real bummer. It's a car game. Come on! Anybody know if it's just the demo that isn't steering wheel compatible?

GameFace792633d ago

Yeah, I wanna know that too - not getting it if its not