Activision Will Monetize Online in Black Ops, StarCraft II by Year's End, says Pachter

Online multiplayer, especially in popular shooters like Halo or Call of Duty, is taking up more and more game time for consumers, and it's an area that needs to be better monetized, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has reiterated. Over the summer, Pachter insisted that Activision must start charging for Call of Duty online play.

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wat6342761d ago

They will, its great to see big companies taking advantage of consumers.

dangert122761d ago

Michael Pachter has reiterated. Over the summer, Pachter insisted that Activision must start charging for Call of Duty online play

go ahead and make it worse for us patcher yeah activision would love to do it we know but when people start saying the 'MUST' they will actually try!!!

RememberThe3572761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

People are pissed about the online pass on MOH if they have to pay for COD online they're gonna get hot.

BattleAxe2761d ago

What Pachter doesn't realise is that making things more expensive for gamers, might have bad consquenses in terms of making the gaming hobby too expensive.

People might think twice before buying the next CoD in 2011 because they will have invested so much of their money into Black Ops. People will start to purchase fewer games which will shrink the industry.

Rockstar has the right idea...they came out with Red Dead Redemption which is a fully featured and deep gaming experience with online modes, and now for $10 they've come out with the most value for content ever seen in DLC on consoles. So I guess its a no brainer who i will support going forward, Rockstar all the way!! Even look at Insomniac and Resistance 2 with the 8 player co-op, 64 player online matches and a good single player campaign all for $60, these are the types of developers that I'll support in the future.

jadenkorri2761d ago

what are you talking about, the online pass, really buy the game first, then make a comment, don't comment when you don't know what your talking about. If you buy the game new, it comes with a code which gives you your access to online play, if you rent, or buy pre-owned, then you have to buy the online pass on live/psn in order to play online as previous owner used the code already.

RememberThe3572761d ago

Nothing about what you said contradicts what I said or gives me any new information. A few of my friends were loving MOH but didn't like that the game needed an online pass if you bought it used and they decided to just wait for Black Ops. So don't come at me all hostile, I'm just describing what I've seen.

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SkylineR2760d ago

He's so retarded he can't predict shit, so he then says what he thinks SHOULD happen even though it'll piss gamers off. He's a [email protected]#$ing idiot who doesn't know what he's on about. I can't believe he still has his job.
I swear he has no friends so just sits there and makes these "predictions".

Moron = Patcher.

King-Leonidas2760d ago

will this guy give it a rest? Every 10 minutes there's an article that says: ''obama will fart, says pachter....''

donniebaseball2761d ago

Ugh, these companies (especially Activision) are so greedy. I hope Pachter's not right on this one. Who's going to pay extra fees on top of Xbox Live fee?

jadenkorri2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

i definitely agree, thou way back when MS was gonna charge for xbox live, everyone said it would fail, well, i guess it didn't. I just hope that if activision starts charging for black ops, and for etc etc game, everyone says no and stops playing, its the only way to show them that enough is enough. And what about xbox live gold members, will they have to pay that extra fee also or is MS gonna include it into the gold membership. Apply same thought to psn premium. Or will this be like Final Fantasy 11 on xbox live, you can play that game online with only a silver account cause of the monthly fee with squareenix. In either situation this is gonna be bad for us, or the company. Only times gonna tell what the gaming community is gonna do, hopefully tell activision where to shove it.

Soldierone2761d ago

And If Activision does this and you pay for it, you are totally stupid. Yet I know alot of stupid people that will blindly pay for such a service and thus the rest of us get forced into the scheme of ripping off the consumer.

grOundnpound922761d ago

If they charge us, people will shun away. The reason most people get ps3's is to take part in the free PSN service, (excluding the PS+ users.) So since CoD is focused on online play, bye bye sales. And for xbox, No one is going to pay an extra subscription.

So heres the formula

Ps3: System+Game+subscription for each game +Internet Connection= A lot
Add in: Map packs and other DLC. = Too much to spend

360: Game+ Internet Connetion + Game + Live+ Wireless adapter= You need a third job

Activision will effectively watch as they plummet themselves into the ground. So If you want to see a good 90% of your community tell you to **** off, go for it activision.

Al Bundy2761d ago

Sadly, millions will pay for this COD online subscription.

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