Joystiq: Microsoft announces record Q1 revenue, thanks 'Xbox 360 consoles and games'

Revenue from software sales also increased, bolstered by (what else?) Halo: Reach. The Bungie title generated a whopping $350 million for Microsoft in the quarter -- a number made more impressive by the fact that, having launched September 14, that revenue resulted from only 17 days of the game's sales. No wonder Microsoft is considering releasing Halo games on a more frequent basis.

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dante-2766d ago

xbox 360 and xbox 360 games are best

nickjkl2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

this has nothing to do with xbox 360 and even if microsoft made money on every 360 and every game on 360 sold this year they

as in all the money goes to them

they would barely pass 1.5 billion

SaberEdge2766d ago

The 360 has some great games, but so do other consoles. I don't know why everybody tries to make everything so antagonistic.

baodeus2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

well that is N4G for ya right? Every dam article has to turn into a fanboy war crap. Even if it is not, they'll spin it some how into ones.

But in a sense, N4G wouldn't exist if this war didn't happen. It is like how people don't like to change president during war time, or if the president wanted to remain in their spot, they want people to focus on the war instead.

FanboyPunisher2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Watch the trolls, use this article as lube.

Reality girls, deal with it.

CharlesDCI2766d ago

You mean Halo. Which really isn't the best just loved by sheep.

SaberEdge2766d ago

Halo Reach is a great game. You're just jumping on the hate bandwagon.

CharlesDCI2766d ago

Ex Halo player, so I know exactly why I don't like Halo anymore. Reach does seem pretty cool though, just not enough to get me back into it.

Socrates2766d ago

So just because you don't like it anymore means that everybody that does like it is a sheep? GTFO.

plb2766d ago

Windows 7 is where they made all their money

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