IGN: Podcast Beyond: Killzone 3 Beta Codes

Yes, the Killzone 3 Beta is here, and the Podcast Beyond boys are all riled up about it. Today, the kids are giving away five codes on the show and 25 below. That's right -- scroll down and redeem those codes ASAP. After that, stick around as Greg, Colin and Clements are joined by IGN Gear God Scott Lowe to talk about the PlayStation Phone, PlayStation Rewards, and drunkenly assaulting IGN fans. It's going to be great.

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Hideo_Kojima2669d ago

By the time this was posted on N4G all the codes would most likely be taken...

I think they are making to big of a deal out of to few codes.

1UP had 25 codes and they were giving them away one at a time :-/
When there were hundreds of people refreshing their pages your chances are so low that there is no point of bothering.

Lifendz2669d ago

Yeah, they really made you jump through hoops to get the beta. Not only did you have to be a Plus member but you had to be one of the first 5k to download a theme. I'd really like to know when the 5000th download occurred after the PSN store update.

Sagetech2670d ago

These were all used up hrs ago! how would i know? i was one of the ones frantically refreshing the page for one XD

WithMyLastBreath2670d ago

me too and I wasn't able to get one :(

BurninDragon082670d ago

Me too. I actually got one though. Playing KZ3 as I type.

WithMyLastBreath2670d ago

I hate you haha! Congrats though, make sure you voice your views on the forums. GG are really active on those forums and the ps3 boards.

air12670d ago

How do you get a beta invite??

I really didn't like kz2 other then the graphics but that doesn't mean that I won't give this a try. If I can't get into a beta for what ever reason will they have a demo?

MiloGarret2670d ago

KZ2 had a SP demo so it seems likely KZ3 will have something in the way of a demo.

air12669d ago

i hope so... i sometimes wonder if i should have never traded the game in, something i never do..

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