Game Judgment: Fallout New Vegas Review

"New Vegas, where men go to risk it all, putting their caps and in some cases their lives on the line with one goal, win big. After Fallout 3 Obsidian Entertainment, the original creators of the Fallout franchise had to prove that they still had what it takes to create a great game, a challenge that they seem to have taken head on with great success."

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TheSleepyGamer2854d ago

I've been having a blast with this game, there's just so much to do that it almost seems endless.

Greycat_James2854d ago

I've never been able to sit through much more than the opening of a Bethesda game so I'm not picking this up. Not my sort of game.

pat_11_52853d ago

I can relate to that, they definately take awhile to pick up and get interesting. This ones a little different though, it kind of throws you right into the action. At least that's what I've read in the reviews.

pat_11_52854d ago

I might pick it up, I'd have to finish the first Fallout though before I started it.

Neko_Mega2853d ago

6.5 or 7.5, game has a good story and all. But man it is pack full of problems.

My friend can't go to the stripe anymore, I find AI stuck in the ground, weapons get mod then not show up in your hand and even make the screen turn white an lose sound.

This game needs a really big update, the problems I listed are with the new update to, without it........well it is really worst.

Neko_Mega2853d ago

Deal it you slackers.

With a game that had so much hype, you would think they would bring it out with alot less of problems, but no they couldn't even do that.

So freaking deal with it.

creamsoda2853d ago

Great game so far, but epic lag spikes on the pc version. Think its time to upgrade.

pat_11_52853d ago

I heard they're fixing a lot of the technical issues with the game. Hasn't a patch already came out?

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