Preview | GTX 460x2 – Nvidia’s Response ?

First look at the GTX 460x2 from ZOTAC. Is this Nvidia's response to Ati's 6000 series or just a poor attempt ?

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NYC_Gamer2795d ago

only if the price is right

CombineElite2792d ago

As an AMD fanboy I'm very interested in a Nvidia gtx 460 x2 as the gtx 460 is an awesome card that runs cool n quiet and uses low electricity. The GTX 480 is a great card but is hot loud and gobbles watts like a Hummer gobbles gas. A gtx 580 would be even worse unless it's gonna be a GTX 460 x2.

The gtx 460 in sli beats the crap out of a single gtx 480 so a gtx 460 would be very awesome if priced just right at or below $299

Now a gtx 460 x2 is very important as it would allow you to buy another gtx 460 x2 for a sli set up and use 4 gtx 460 gpu's to power your games.

This is what gamers wants as Nvidia won't allow 3 or 4 way sli on single gtx 460 do to it being such an awesome card. I hope they release this at a good price because it would really hurt AMD as even a AMD fanboy like myself would get a GTX 460 x2 sli set up and MAX out Metro 2033 with DOF on 8XAA 16xAF with full tessellation.

not too mention Zotac is like the new Nvidia premeir card maker.

cyguration2794d ago

I've had too many failed ATI cards to think that Nvidia needs to play catch-up. Besides, Nvidia supports better use of 3D and PhysX.

I Call 9MM2794d ago

Isn't the 460 (at least the low end version) almost half of what the 480 is capable of (well, close at least)? Seems better off just to get a 480 instead, and not have to worry about some games not taking proper advantage of SLI.