White Boy Raps The History of Gaming

Did you ever wonder what all those people you went to high school with have been up to? Well, some went on to be doctors, some lawyers, and others . . . decided to make YouTube videos where they rap about the history of gaming.

One such man was Atom Winston.

Read the full story to find out how to hire Atom.

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CrzyFooL2601d ago

Embedded!! Sorry, I don't submit that much :/ I'm too busy leaving retarded comments on other stories :-)

Bobbykotickrulesz2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

That video made me sick.

@Kreyg below

You did a terrible job at impersonating HipHopGamer. Why? Because I actually understood what you said.

Perjoss2601d ago

I wish this guy had done it instead:

he's really good, does the terminator, robocop and predator raps also.

phatak2600d ago

props to him. gud job

jaredhart2601d ago

Sorry dude, you're no Eminem.

theonlylolking2601d ago

eminem is crap. Its rap music lovers justin bieber. He is overrated and bad.

FishCake9T42601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Im a fan of rap and dont like Beiber. You comment has just been rendered useless.
This video btw is awesome.

Sunny_D2601d ago

THANK YOU! Another one that isn't dickriding Eminem! God, you people who think new Eminem is good don't know sh!t!

theonlylolking2601d ago


I am saying that you guys treat eminem like the justin beiber fans.

T9X692601d ago

And may I ask who you think is "good" if you don't think Eminem is? You don't have to dickride Eminem to resepect his music and know he's a VERY talented artist.

CrzyFooL2601d ago

The REAL Hip Hop Gamer!!

Kreyg2601d ago


ONE LOVE AND GOD BLESS ...Know what I'm saying?

wakash2601d ago

LOL he was actually pretty decent..i was somewhat surprised haha

T9X692601d ago

LOL I know right, I was expecting it to be REALLY stupid. Props to that guy.

vicious69832601d ago

Man, oh man. Props to him.

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The story is too old to be commented.