Fan Made Twisted Metal Movie Trailer is Amazing

David Jaffe asked, and the fans delivered. Not only that, but this trailer is so good, I think I’d actually see this film. Bravo Blue Goggles Films for making a game based movie that makes us all scream for ice cream!!

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CrzyFooL2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

I would actually see this!! Make it happen Jaffe!!

Trebius2602d ago

But not if it's the length of a regular movie.

Dont think they'd be able to hold a plot together long enough and keep you interested throughout a whole 2 hour movie.

ABizzel12602d ago

Surprisingly not a bad trailer.

DORMIN2601d ago

The win is strong with this one!

ohdavey2602d ago

Ahh.. twisted metal.. good times

Stunt2602d ago

Holy shit that's hot.

scar202602d ago

Whats all this white stuff on my computer screen xDDD.

alphakennybody2602d ago

that ass of yours needs some paddlin'.

scar202602d ago

whoever disagreed with me must not like ass.

wakash2602d ago

that's some creepy shit right there damn

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The story is too old to be commented.