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From the article: "While putting together my review for Platinum’s Game latest masterpiece, I came across a bit of a conundrum – I couldn’t find an adequate word to describe Vanquish. A word so simple it could sum up the whole game title in less than ten syllables. A word that could encapsulate everything about my experiences playing this little masterpiece.

So I settled for this: Vanquish is… pretty damn badass."

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borisfett2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

You want this game. It's totally badass!

Sidology2824d ago

Certifiable badasses, line up on the right to play Vanquish.

Wieners, line up to the left to get your copy of Gears of War and a pacifier.

guzman2824d ago

After playing Vanquish, Gears is like playing a Tps with training wheels.

jut4202823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Did you just say wieners? Lol I think you meant Whiners?

OT: Vanquish is insanely awesome!

Herminator2824d ago

Hm, I still wasn't convinced by the demo, but with such glowing reviews, I might give it a shot after all.

borisfett2824d ago

Are you sure you're badass enough?

MGRogue20172824d ago

10/10 for a 4-5 hour game?

That can't be right. =/

kratos1232824d ago

I'm sorry man if you don't like it go play cod I think that's more fore you let the big boys play this game

guzman2824d ago

@enkeixpress: More like 8-10 hours on normal. The game clock doesn't count replays and cutscenes.

borisfett2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The game isn't 4 to 5 hours long at all. That rumour was caused because of a misinterpretation by a reviewer of how the clock in the game works.

Digital Foundry did a piece on this very subject and found that the average playthrough will take you at least 8 - 10 hours. And that's without even touching the higher difficulty levels.

You can find information on that here:

CrzyFooL2824d ago

It's only 4-5 hours if you are some crazy asian speed gamer!! For most people it will take 10 or so hours.

yoonakron2824d ago

Imma crazy Asian, but not a speed gamer, so it still took me about 7.5 hours on Normal. =P Best 7.5 hours spent on a game in a while...

AKS2824d ago

I'd rate classics like ICO and Gunstar Heroes around 10/10, and they were around 7 and 3 hours long, respectively. Quality is the only thing that matters to me.

I hope that eventually we as gamers will be able to evaluate gaming experiences for quality the way we judge the value of books, paintings, and film. Would you buy Gods and Generals over The Shawshank Redemption because the former is longer and you are "getting your money's worth?" Do you think the Mona Lisa isn't really a masterpiece because it should have been 5 cubic feet larger? Would you pass on watching the best films ever made if they were less than 90 minutes long? It's absurd, but that's the type of mentality I see every day from many gamers and reviewers.

borisfett2824d ago

I commend your wonderful tastes in games. Both of those are titles I would easily rank amongst maybe a dozen games I would ever consider awarding a perfect rating to.

AKS2824d ago

Thanks, those two popped into my head as some of the key games of their generations. I played through Gunstar Heroes countless times with friends during the SEGA Genesis days. I'm overjoyed that I get all 3 of Team ICO's games next year; 2011 will be an incredible year for me.

Also, please excuse my typo of cubic rather than square feet. That will teach me to avoid multi-tasking when posting.

Sidology2823d ago

Man, this is a really great comment. We really appreciate you.

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despair2824d ago

while I agree the game is good people give out perfect scores way too easily now.

Neckbear2824d ago

And it is also almost a PERFECT game.

The gameplay itself is seriously perfect. It's well-polished, it's easy to get used to, you never have problems with it, and it rewards your skill over everything else. That's what makes it a perfect GAME (With GAME I mean gameplay itself).

Really, I agree than people give perfect scores to stuff easily now, but this is of the few games that deserves it.

borisfett2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

This is the first time we've *ever* given a game a perfect score on our website.

We're generally very critical with ours scores. Sonic 4 for instance, received a fairly negative 6 out of 10, and Comic Jumper, despite being a very funny game, only received a 7, because of its basic and limited gameplay.

guzman2824d ago

Great review Borisfett.

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