Warcraft 4 Rumors Recap summarizes Warcraft 4 Rumors so far that saw the day-light.

* Frank Pearce, VG247 Interview (2008) - Warcraft 4, "definitely something that we'd consider".

* Rob Pardo, interview (2008) - Warcraft 4, "of course there's a chance".

* J. Allen Brack, AUSGamers (2009) - Warcraft 4, "is certainly something that gets talked about on a pretty regular basis".

* claiming Warcraft IV is being worked on (2010)

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Beahmscream2854d ago

I would be delighted to hear it's true!

blizztv2854d ago

Also check out the development of the Blizz sentences;

definitely something that we'd consider (considering) --> of course there's a chance (a chance) --> gets talked about on a pretty regular basis (gets talked about).

With every BlizzBlue mention it gets an increased probability..